bikini trimmer

If you are planning to hit the beach, waiting to flaunt your new swimwear at the pool party, or just planning a passionate night with your partner, then you would want to get rid of that unwanted hair from your private parts. There are quite a few different ways of hair removal for legs, arms, underarms and bikini area like wet shaving, electric shaving, waxing, Depilatory, Epilators, laser treatment, and many others. However, most of them have their pros and cons. Some of the methods are not 100% proper, or painful, or have other side effects and others are expensive.

So, one of the best methods of bikini hair removal is to get yourself a bikini trimmer. It is safe and full proof and most often gives you the desired result. Women, who have used it have surely good things to say about it. Let’s see what makes a bikini trimmer, a class apart from other hair removal methods.

What is a bikini trimmer?

It is a device to cut the hair along your pubic area. It has razors, which cut the hair and the keeps your bikini line smoothly shaped. Since they are smaller, it is easy to reach intimate areas. It is easy to use and way safer than other methods like using razors, scissors or waxing.

How different is it from others?

It is different from razors because it is easier to reach remote areas with the bikini trimmer, which might be difficult with a razor. And, this is less likely to cause any external pain or injury. Even, waxing causes a certain amount of pain, which is not there in case of trimmers. They have interchangeable heads so it is easy to get proper shaving on both sides. It has several advantages over others, which makes it a preferable choice.

How to use a bikini trimmer?

Using a bikini trimmer is easy. You just need to follow few simple steps to get the desired look in no time:

  • Wear something, with the least coverage, so that you can see where and how much to be shaved
  • Rinse the area with warm water, especially if you have sensitive skin. It helps to soften the follicles and prepare your skin.
  • You can choose to apply or not apply shave gel. This only helps to moisturize the area.
  • Shave using the trimmer. Do not repeat too many strokes in the same area. Trim once in the direction in which hair has grown and then in the opposite direction. Remember to pull the skin tight, when you shave. Try not doing it too many times to avoid bruises.
  • Rinse inset the bikini line properly with water.
  • Finally, apply moisturizer to keep the area soft.

What are the advantages of using a bikini trimmer?

Coming to the advantages of a bikini trimmer, we will try to look at it from three different perspectives:

Convenience: A bikini trimmer is convenient because it does not lead to any pain or external injuries. Though it will not remove the entire hair and give you baby soft skin, it is preferred by many as it does most of the job to an appreciable limit. It has several blades, which move back and forth in an electronic mechanism to remove the hair. So, the chances of damage are less as the blades do not touch your skin. Since it is a small device, it can reach innermost areas, which might be difficult for other devices and does a fair job out of it. It is cordless and easy to carry while travelling if there is an immediate need.

Easy Usage: It is very easy to operate a bikini trimmer, compared to other devices. Just a simple switch turns it on and off. You can use it easily on the skin and most of the times, you do not have to worry about preparing the skin too. It can be used effectively in both wet and dry settings.

Pricing: Finally, when it comes to one of the most important criteria’s, bikini trimmers are cost-effective and can be used long term in terms of quality. Initially, you might have to try out a few devices before settling down for the best one for you, but mostly these trimmers tend to suit everybody, not being heavy on the pocket at the same time.

How to choose a bikini trimmer?

You need to be careful while choosing a bikini trimmer. First of all, it should cater to your skin type. For example, choose one with a special feature for sensitive skin, if you have one. Next, look into things like warranty and longevity. It is better to go for trimmers with additional blades or attachments so that it is easy to clean the hair, which might have been missed and does not require repeated shaving. Also, it is important to clean the trimmer so that no hair is left behind in it, else it might get clogged in the long run. Choose one, which is easy to handle and carry. There is also a buying guide of the best bikini trimmer here: so you can check it out and see it yourself.

Moreover, it depends on your hair type. Bikini trimmers will not remove the entire hair at one go, so if you are looking for a lighter shave, choose a lighter device. For thick hair, you need to go for more potent ones. If you are looking for a complete shave, then you can combine it with epilators or razors.

As you can see, a bikini trimmer has different advantages over other hair removal techniques. However, you should be extra careful, while buying and using one. It can be a good gift within your girls’ group and for someone you know, who will benefit from it. Now, get rid of unwanted hair from your bikini area with this device and gear up to show off your curves in a bikini without any embarrassment. Enjoy a perfect, hassle-free shave and don’t shy away to show up in your bikini with a sensual touch!