Stitches Advice
Stitches Advice

Over time, people grow or experience physical changes that can affect the outfits they wear. It is important to alter any garment precisely so that it fits well. Unless you are a person with the dimensions of a mannequin, there are high chances that you consider alterations in your outfits.

No matter what occasion it is, the demand for clothing alterations Galway is dramatically increasing. Clothing alteration is necessary due to body size change. Even after purchasing ready-made garments, there are times when the clothes that people buy do not fit them at all. Women often have misconceptions about alteration and tailoring and are intimidated by the process.

Importance of Tailoring and Alterations

  • Every one of us would want our expensive clothes to be durable. But if the clothes don’t fit in, there is a high probability that they might be replaced.
  • Different brands have different sizing categories they follow. Size 6 of a brand might fit you while size 8 of another brand is perfect for you. To avoid this, it is important to have garments tailored and altered.
  • Alteration not only helps you wear the clothes of your choice but also it helps to boost your confidence.
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Points to be noted before making altering your clothes

  • You cannot expect results overnight. The turnaround time after tailoring depends on the cloth given for sewing. If it is something simple, then one week is enough, if it is complex, then more time will be needed.
  • All fabrics are not equal. A chambray top and a silk blouse do not take the same amount of time and money to alter. Certain fabrics are delicate by nature and take more time to alter. Materials like silk and chiffon are very much delicate and extremely temperamental when it comes to alterations, while cotton and linen are easy to alter.
  • Buy one size ahead of yours for altering and not more than that. Avoid buying clothes that are too small or too big, for they cannot be altered.
  • Know that tailoring is worth it. If the price of sewing gives you a significant shock, you might even be questioning whether it’s actually worth the investment. But it turns out to be the best decision you will ever make regarding your outfits. Tailored clothes make you feel amazing when you wear them.
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Few Alteration tips and tricks

Lady Tailor
Lady Tailor
  • Whenever you think about altering clothes, remember the two body planes; height and width. Altering the width of the garment doesn’t need a re-fit, whereas altering the height of the garment needs re-fit.
  • Trying to alter clothes smaller by two size involves a lot of alteration time and is quite expensive.
  • All fashion garments rarely have a seam allowance of less than 0.5 cm, which means there is a total of 1.5cm available to let out around the body. Letting out fabrics like satin will expose the track lines of where the stitching was. Replacing a zip is time-consuming, whereas shortening hems is relatively quick and easy.
  • When choosing a tailor for tailoring or alteration go for the reputable one and not the one that offers you the lowest rate. Remember, in tailoring; you get what you pay for.
  • If you have zero or very little knowledge in tailoring, and if your tailor disagrees with your request on making a particular change, there’s probably a good reason. Remember that tailors are professionals and are intimately familiar with garment construction, so you can always count on their opinion.
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  • During the actual fitting, remain stable and don’t move unless the tailor asks you to move. Moving during fitting can cause the outfit to be fitted unevenly especially in the hems and sleeves.
  • Be clear on what alterations you would like to do to your outfits and approach the tailor accordingly. Some tailors know only basic and medium skill alterations like replacing button & zipper, length of the trousers, jacket sleeve lengths, fixing neck roll, bringing in or open up the torso on the jacket, shortening a shirt sleeve, replacing a shirt collar etc.
  • While some tailors are a pro and possess great and expert skill alterations such as rotating the jacket sleeve, relining the jacket, reducing shirt shoulders, jacket length alterations, re-weaving etc. The expert alteration skills are costly, like changing the posture of the jacket, which involves adjusting the way the front and the back of the jacket are connected.