By the end of the year 2016, about 61% of the companies are were using video as their production tool, a year ago about 66% of these companies had not entered in video production. The trend of creating videos for promoting business has reached new heights now and it will soon capture the market as the most effective production strategy.

video production

Video production such as insert stage in Chicago is a new tool and people have still doubt about it, if it is worth to create videos for promoting the brands and services or not?

The answer of the above question is obviously yes, as the video is the most profitable and versatile form of production. Here are some reasons, which will make you use video production right now:

  • Videos can boost your conversion and sales: The surveys have revealed that if you add a promotional video on your site or on your landing page, then your conversions will increase by 80%. Videos can even lead to sales, again the studies have shown that if people watch any explainer video about any product, then 74% of them will buy it. Our vision is the most dominating sense and when people see something that they like, they will definitely want it.
  • You can have great ROI by videos: Most of the businesses have experienced that videos can provide a higher return on investment. Although, creating videos for business is not cheap, but it pays off big time. Also, now the video making tools are becoming are advanced and affordable. You can shoot a good quality video with your smartphone too. You don’t need to make a perfect video, only the content of the video should be impressive. If you are not explaining your product or service in a clear way through your video, then the users will get more confused and they will not prefer to use your service.
  • Videos can help you in building trust: You can say that without trust conversion and sales are nothing. Building trust should also be included in your goals, as if have a long-term relationship with your customers, then only you can run a successful business. This modern age demands focus on the ignition and not just on the content but on the trust. Videos can help you in doing that like through YouTube you can gain the trust of the people and good comments and likes will make people like you more.

Videos have various types, let’s talk about some of them:

  • Product demonstrations: You can search for various products demonstrating videos online. They work pretty well and these types of videos demonstrate that your product works and you can also add different production tactics in it to make it more engaging. They can be expensive, but they are an investment for businesses.
  • Infographic videos: They are simply awesome when created in a post-production house in Chicago; these videos display some fun facts and even figures about SEO. These videos are made to disseminate information in a creative and innovative way. They add fun to the promotion, and the best thing is they are not even expensive. Just a few voices and music are enough to create such videos.
  • Promotional Videos: Now, this one is kind of funky and extremely interesting. It will take some time, but the after-effects of this video is great. You can even get a template online. But they don’t require much time. You can add motion graphics and music to it. They are the most loved videos. You can surely go for this one.