data science training

The need for digitalization has inevitably led to the gradual increase in significance of data science to a large extent. No organization wants to be left behind when it comes to implementing data driven strategies and data science is pivotal behind any such strategy. As a result, the demand for skilled data scientists or professionals adept in using Data science tools for a variety of purpose has been increasing rapidly.

Data science training– the right career choice?

If you are wondering that if you should acquire data science skills then let me provide you with a few reasons you should definitely stop wondering and start picking up data science skills-

  • Earning skills in Data science will render your career future-proof!

The fourth industrial revolution or IR 4.0 is already here and every organization wants to reap the benefits of automation. As a result of this many traditional jobs will become irrelevant while many new age jobs will appear. Data scientist, data engineer, Big data architect are a few such new age job roles and acquiring data science skills will definitely provide you with a lot of security.

  • Impressive demand and perks!

Interestingly when most careers are suffering from a dearth in the number of jobs, the field of Data science is offering more jobs every day. It is estimated that about 2million jobs will be generated in the field of data science within 2020, the reason being the acute lack of professionals which the entire world is facing.

A career in Data science also offers impressive pay packages and according to Glassdoor, the average salary in data science is around $113,436!

  • Choose your own field of interest!

Data science has found application to a number of fields ranging from Healthcare, Banking, IT, Manufacturing to Defence, Cybersecurity, Research and Astrophysics!

Thus, you will never be required to compromise and work in a field that does not pique your interest as you can choose to work on the field you want and excel happily.

Malaysia- The best possible destination for beginning your journey in Data science!

Malaysia has stunned the world with the level of progress the country has made in terms of digital transformation. The digital economy of the country is not only flourishing but also attracting investments from all over the globe and with the help of digitally driven ventures Malaysia looks forward to becoming a data hub in South East Asia. Hence, Malaysia can be a great choice to build a career with Data science skills. Moreover, a data science training in Malaysia will be much beneficial as the country suffers from a shortage of data scientists and you can easily take advantage of that!