If you have just started off a makeup brand and finding it hard to beat the competition, invest in your custom product packaging to see far-fetched results. Your product packaging is the first impression you make on your potential buyers, if you succeed in making it right and lasting one, it will go a long way in building you a loyal customer community. There are countless makeup brands trying to grab the attention of customers, you can surely leave your mark by having distinctive cosmetic boxes. So what makes your product packaging really engaging? Is it just the design that matters, the details or combination of many factors? There are a bunch of elements that count for making a product packaging impactful. Have a look at the ones that are vital for making your packaging terrific!

Artsy Custom Cosmetic Boxes

If you have a customer segment aged 18-30, you surely need an inspiring and artsy layout for your makeup boxes. Think about a theme that your target audience can relate to and complements your product range; use it with interesting text details on your custom packaging. You can, for instance, have a movie inspired makeup collection. Do your research and get a list of most popular movies of the last decade. If you have mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners and other products that can be bundled up to create a famous celebrity look from the movie, highlight it on your cosmetic box packaging.

Detailed Custom Cosmetic Packaging

There must be some details about your makeup items that differentiate them from others. It can be organic ingredients; you can use engaging one or two liners on your packaging to enlighten customers about your products. A chemical-free lipstick or bronzer would definitely stir the interest of a large number of shoppers. For skincare items you can have your unique selling points printed vividly as for these products, people meticulously check formulation and other details. Get manufacturing and best before dates of various makeup and other items printed visibly on your cosmetic box.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes with Surprises

While it may feel like the conventional marketing tactics, but a customer would like to buy from a new brand offering a gift or coupon within its products. Make the combination of gifts wisely, you can give an eye brown pencil free with your high definition mascara, a blush brush can be given along with highlighter set. Do a survey of your customer segments to know the well-liked cosmetic items and then make a combination of surprise gifts. Mention the free gift prominently on your packaging to compel a shopper into buying your products.

Easy to Handle Cosmetic Box

Makeup junkies often struggle with organizing different kinds of eye-makeup, brushes, lipsticks, glosses and bronzers. Sorting this out for your potential buyers by offering them easy to carry and handle packaging would make them fall in love with your brand.

You can have a little pouch printed with your logo and tagline for makeup sets having more than 3 products. Packaging boxes should be designed keeping in view customer convenience. A lip gloss box should be easy to open, handle and get stocked up inside a travel bag. Choose a cosmetic box’s style that is sleek and can be carried with ease anywhere.