car upgrade

Every vehicle owner wants to achieve fuel efficiency and a long lifespan for their investment. The petrol prices are rising and to make sure the investment stays economic then it is important that certain upgrades are essential. The automotive technology is improving quickly and they are effective in improving the performance of the vehicle.

The car modifications are not just limited to fuel efficiency and they can improve other performance aspects of the vehicle. Car modifications can be costly especially if they are extensive and large-scale modifications but taking the car to the car chip tuning UK is worth it. There are a lot of simple upgrades that will enhance the vehicle’s performance and breathe life into it.

Here are a few upgrades that are perfect for making sure that the car performs well and you have a safe and good driving experience.

Get new tyres:

The tyres are a crucial component of the car. They play a huge role in determining the performance of the vehicle. Good tyres make it easier to handle the car in a better way. If you want more speed and power then you must have great tyres. If the tyres cannot handle the upgrade then driving will become unsafe and dangerous. It is not safe to drive with old and worn out tyres.

Spark plugs:

Good spark plugs are an upgrade that is easy and affordable. Swapping the old ones for new ones can make a lot of difference in the performance of the vehicle. Good quality sparks improve the car’s performance because they lead to better combustion which translates into more power and better fuel efficiency. Make sure that you check the spark plugs of the car from time to time so that you know when to change them.

The ECU:

The engine control unit flash of the vehicle is set up from the factory and its function is to control the fuel-air mixture that goes into the engine. The mixture is supposed to maximize the power and efficiency of the engine. The manufacturers program the parameters of the ECU well below the full capability of the engine. If you are looking to increase the power and speed of the vehicle then you can unlock different performance parameters of the engine. The limit is set by the manufacturers as a safety net and you should only do the upgrades if you are confident that you can handle them.


The bushings are present between the frame, suspension, engine, and chassis. The function of the factory rubber bushings is to prevent vibration throughout the car. The bushings do not stay in good condition forever. They can crack and wear out with time. The manufacturers often use rubber bushings and they can get old pretty quickly. Replace them with polyurethane bushings and they will last much longer as compared to the rubber ones. They are also better at preventing vibrations throughout the car and minimizing the weight transfer.

Data monitoring:

If the car is not performing as it should and the warning light is telling you to check the engine then you need to diagnose the problem to fix it. Diagnosing the issue is nearly impossible as the warning light is not giving you much information. The good thing is that there are technological advances that make diagnosing the problem easier. Installing data monitoring systems allow the car owners to get alerted about a problem clearly so that they can invest in the right solution.

Backup cameras:

The backup cameras are a great upgrade as they help improve the driving experience. They have also become a standard in the industry recently. They can assist the driver in successfully reversing in tight spaces and parallel parking without any problem. The backup cameras reduce the possibility of nicking the car while parking or reversing.

Cool air intake:

If you want the car to run efficiently then it must be able to breathe efficiently. The cold air intake is an excellent upgrade because it frees up the airflow and makes sure that the engine gets denser and cooler air so that it does not heat up and seize.


Car upgrades are worth investing in. They improve the performance of the vehicle and also increase its value.