Voters decide primary elections in Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, and Washington: LIVE UPDATES

John Gibbs has defeated incumbent Rep. Peter Meijer, R-MI, in the closely watched Republican primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, the Associated Press called just after 3 a.m. Wednesday.

The race pitted former President Donald Trump, who backed Gibbs, against one of only 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him following the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol last year.

Gibbs will now face Democratic nominee Hillary Scholten, who ran unopposed in her primary, in what is expected to be one of the most competitive House races in this year’s midterm elections.

Meijer, an Iraq War veteran who was elected to Congress in 2020, was one of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach then-President Trump.

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Mark Finchem wins key Republican primary for Arizona’s secretary of state

The Associated Press has called Mark Finchem the winner in a four-way race in the Republican primary for secretary of state.

Finchem, an Arizona lawmaker who supported former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, made election integrity a key issue in his campaign and said he will faithfully execute the law to ensure free and fair elections, should he win the general election in November.

“I think it’s interesting that there are people, particularly Democrats out there, claiming: ’Oh, he’s going to ruin the system. He’s going to do this, he’s a threat to democracy,’” Finchem said in a recent interview, denying that he would use his potential office to sway election outcomes.

Finchem’s victory came over three other Republicans, one of which similarly doubted the legitimacy of 2020’s outcome.

Finchem defeated Arizona House. Rep. Shawnna Bolick, who introduced a bill last year that could allow the state legislature to overturn presidential election results, state Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita and businessman Beau Lane.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Trump-endorsed Blake Masters wins Arizona’s Republican Senate primary

The Associated Press has called Arizona’s Republican Senate primary for venture capitalist Blake Masters, who will face off in November against Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in a key battleground state race that may determine if the GOP wins back the Senate majority.

Masters was the front-runner in the most recent public opinion surveys heading into Tuesday’s primary election. The field of contenders also included solar power businessman Jim Lamon, who pumped millions of his own money behind his bid. 

Former President Donald Trump, who remains the most popular and influential politician in the Republican Party, endorsed Masters two months ago.

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Trump touts ‘big night’ following endorsement victories in Kansas and Missouri

Former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform, TRUTH Social, Tuesday night to tout his endorsement victories in Kansas and Missouri.

“Won all of our Endorsed Races in Kansas and Missouri,” Trump wrote. “Great going ‘Eric.’ Big Night. Thank you!”

In Missouri, Trump had endorsed both Eric Schmitt and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens in the race for Senate. Schmitt went on to claim the party’s nomination.

In Kansas, Trump endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt, who clinched his party’s nomination. Schmidt will now face off against incumbent Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly in November.

Far-left ‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib wins Democratic primary in Michigan

Democrat Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a member of the far-left “Squad,” has won her primary against Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey in the state’s 12th Congressional District.

Tlaib is expected to easily win re-election in November considering the newly formed district is solidly Democrat.

The Associated Press called the race.

Biden responds to rejection of abortion amendment by Kansas voters

In a statement released Tuesday night, President Biden issued praise for voters in Kansas after a majority of them voted no on a constitutional amendment that would have given lawmakers in the state the ability to regulate abortion.

“The Supreme Court’s extreme decision to overturn Roe v. Wade put women’s health and lives at risk. Tonight, the American people had something to say about it,” Biden said. “Voters in Kansas turned out in record numbers to reject extreme efforts to amend the state constitution to take away a woman’s right to choose and open the door for a state-wide ban. This vote makes clear what we know: the majority of Americans agree that women should have access to abortion and should have the right to make their own health care decisions.”

“Congress should listen to the will of the American people and restore the protections of Roe as federal law,” he added. “While that is the only way to secure a woman’s right to choose, my Administration will continue to take meaningful action to protect women’s access to reproductive health care. We will continue to act where we can to protect women’s reproductive rights and access to care.  And, the American people must continue to use their voices to protect the right to women’s health care, including abortion.”

RNC, Arizona GOP respond to ballot issues in Pinal County, Arizona

Following ballot issues out of Pinal County, Arizona, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward released the following comment:

“During Arizona’s primary elections, the RNC and Republican Party of Arizona’s poll observer program documented and reported multiple failures by Pinal County’s Elections Administrator, including 63,000 mail-in ballots delivered to the wrong voters and multiple Republican-heavy precinct locations running out of ballots. This is a comprehensive failure that disenfranchises Arizonans and exemplifies why Republican-led efforts for transparency at the ballot box are so important. Pinal County Elections Director David Frisk should resign immediately.”

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On Tuesday, several precincts in the county reportedly ran out, or began running low, of in-person ballots for voters. The county also reportedly delivered several thousand mail-in ballots to the wrong voters.

Congresswoman Kim Schrier advances to general election in Washington’s 8th Congressional District

Democrat Washington Congresswoman Kim Schrier has advanced to the general election in Washington’s 8th Congressional District following a strong showing in the open primary.

She will face the second place primary finisher.

The Associated Press called the race.

Tiffany Smiley advances to general election for Senate in Washington

Tiffany Smiley has advanced to the November general election for Senate in Washington.

Patty Murray, a Democrat, also advanced to the November general election for Senate.

The Associated Press called the race.

Trudy Busch Valentine wins Democratic nomination for Senate in Missouri

Trudy Busch Valentine has won the Democratic nominiation to represent Missouri in the United States Senate.

Valentine will now face off against Missouri Republican Senate nominee Eric Schmitt in the November general election.

The race was called by The Associated Press.

Katie Hobbs wins Arizona Senate Democrat primary

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has won the state’s Democrat nomination for U.S. Senate.

She will now advance to the general election to face the winner of the Republican nomination, where voters will decide who will replace term-limited GOP Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Associated Press called the race.

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Polls close in Washington

Polls have officially closed in Washington.

Two Republican representatives who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump are running for re-election against Trump-endorsed candidates in their districts.

Trump-backed candidate and former police chief Loren Culp is challenging four term Rep. Dan Newhouse in the GOP primary for Washington’s 4th Congressional District. Another similar race is taking place in Washington’s 3rd District. The primary race sees Joe Kent, the candidate who received an endorsement from Trump, taking on incumbent Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, one of the few Republican representatives who voted to impeach the former President.

Voters submitted their choice’s for the state’s Senate race. Democrat and 30-year incumbent Sen. Patty Murray is the current Senator of Washington state and is seeking a 6th term. Tiffany Smiley is leading the GOP Senate race and is hopeful battle it out with the Democrat nominee in the fall.

Democrat Congresswoman Kim Schrier is fighting to keep her seat in Washington’s 8th Congressional District against Republicans seeking to flip the swing district red.

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Kansas voters reject constitutional amendment granting lawmakers ability to regulate abortion

Residents of Kansas have voted against an amendment to the state’s constitution that would have given lawmakers in the state the ability to regulate abortion, the Associated Press projects.

With Tuesday’s vote, Kansas became the first state in the nation to vote on an abortion-related issue since the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn federal protections for abortion granted under the 1973 landmark case Roe v. Wade.

The constitutional amendment, backed by a campaign named Value Them Both, would have given elected representatives the ability to pass legislation regulating abortion in Kansas, which was restricted after the state’s Supreme Court previously found the 1859 Kansas Constitution grants a “natural right” to abortion. At the time the AP called the race, voters had rejected the amendment by more than 20 percentage points.

In 2019, the state’s supreme court struck down a ban on surgical abortions in a 6-1 decision, ruling that the state’s constitution protected women’s choice to engage in that activity as a “right.”

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Haley Stevens wins Democratic nomination to represent Michigan’s 11th District

Democrat Haley Stevens has clinched her party’s nomination to represent Michigan’s 11th Congressional District in Congress.

Stevens will face off against Mark Ambrose, the Republican nominee to represent the district, in November’s general election.

The race was called by The Associated Press.

Far-left ‘Squad’ member Cori Bush wins Democratic primary in Missouri

Democratic Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush, a member of the far-left “Squad,” has won her primary race against state Sen. Steve Roberts in the 1st Congressional District.

Bush is expected to easily win re-election in November considering she represents a solidly Democrat district.

The Associated Press called the race.

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Eric Schmitt wins Missouri’s heated Republican Senate primary

The Associated Press projects that Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has won Missouri’s Republican Senate primary in the race to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Roy Blunt.

Schmitt was one of the front-runners in the race, along with former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who represents Missouri’s 4th Congressional District in the predominantly rural west-central part of the state.

Over 20 Missouri Republicans vied for the party’s Senate nomination this cycle. The field included Rep. Billy Long in the state’s 7th Congressional District in southwest Missouri, and Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who, along with his wife, grabbed national headlines during the summer of 2020 for holding guns outside their home to ward off Black Lives Matter protesters.

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Trump-backed Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters touts business background in nomination push

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters said his background in business would make him better at making decisions in Congress on the issues that face America.

“I think it’s a huge asset, but I’m not naïve. I don’t think that the government operates like a business,” Masters said.

“You can’t just take the business leader and expect them to do well in politics, but I think I know how broken the system is I think getting a business leader in there can only help,” he added.

Masters went on to describe the Biden administration’s plans to finish a section of the border wall at Yuma as a “transparent political move” following their initial opposition to physical barrier at the border, and slammed the Democrat-backed Inflation Reduction Act as “backwards.”

“It’s just positively Orwellian that instead of fixing the bad policy that caused this recession, Biden goes pedal to the metal on those policies and then they just try to redefine the word recession. They think that words are magic. This is just so crazy, frankly,” he said.

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Trump-backed Tudor Dixon wins crowded Michigan GOP gubernatorial primary

Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon has come out on top in a crowded primary field and will face incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the November general election.

Dixon received a last-minute endorsement from former President Donald Trump last week.

The Associated Press called the race.

First polls closed in Arizona, with others set to close shortly

The first polls have closed in Arizona, with the others slated to close at 7pm MST.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake received the backing of former President Donald Trump, while her primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson received endorsements from former Vice President Mike Pence and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Voters in Arizona made their final decisions as to which GOP candidate they want taking on Democrat incumbent Senator Mark Kelly in November. Seven candidates are vying for the Republican nomination, but Trump-backed GOP candidate Blake Masters has lead the heated Arizona Senate primary race. Hopeful candidates Attorney General Mark Brnovich and former energy executive Jim Lamon are also competing in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Derek Schmidt wins GOP gubernatorial primary election in Kansas

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has won the Republican gubernatorial primary election in Kansas.

Endorsed by former President Trump, Schmidt will now face off against incumbent Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly in November.

The race was called by The Associated Press.

Michigan GOP cancels election night watch party after staffer allegedly threatened

The Michigan GOP has canceled an election night watch party after a staffer was allegedly threatened outside the party’s Lansing headquarters.

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Lansing police said officers went to the building Tuesday morning in response to a complaint about a threat, but that the person who allegedly made the threat was not still there. Officers will pay special attention to that area, said police spokeswoman Jordan Gulkis.

The staffer, who wished to remain anonymous told Fox News that a man approached her in the parking lot, and harassed her, threatening to burn down the building and enslave the women inside.

GOP spokesperson Gus Portela told Fox News the party had experienced death threats for years, but nothing like what happened on Tuesday. 

“Our building received several threats from a bystander who not only verbally assaulted a long-time female staffer but also indicated he was planning on shooting up the building and burning it down,” Portela said.

To read more from Fox News’ Bradford Betz, click here.

Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano hammers Gov. Whitmer over abortion, CRT

Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano is spending some of his final campaigning days ahead of Tuesday’s GOP primary hammering incumbent Democratic Gretchen Whitmer over her approach to the state’s law regarding abortions, as well as the issue of teaching critical race theory (CRT) in schools.

“We have to have conversation, right? And the legislature represents the people. You don’t do what the governor’s doing right now with Roe v. Wade. We have a 1931 law on the books here in the state of Michigan, and she’s bypassing the legislature just like she did during the COVID lockdowns,” Soldano said. 

Soldano was referring to a dormant 1931 law that would ban abortions without exceptions for rape or incest, and Whitmer’s efforts to keep it from going into effect following the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie here.

Independent Missouri Senate candidate John Wood vows to caucus with GOP if elected

Former Jan. 6 committee investigator John Wood, who is running as an independent in the Missouri Senate race and said he would caucus with Republicans if elected, hopes to unite residents in the state and across the country.

“I’m a lifelong Republican and conservative, but the primaries for both parties have become a race to see who can become the most divisive and the most extreme,” Wood told Fox News Digital in an interview Friday. “As evidenced by the fact that all of the candidates on the Republican side seem determined, still, to try to want to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”

Both the Republican and Democratic primary elections for Senate in the state feature a crowded field of candidates, including former GOP front-runner Eric Greitens, who, before his resignation, formerly served as the 56th governor of Missouri from 2017 to 2018.

As an independent candidate in the race, Wood’s name will appear on the ballot for November’s general election.

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GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Rinke seeks to end lasting effects of Whitmer’s COVID shutdown

Republican Michigan gubernatorial hopeful Kevin Rinke is seeking to end the lasting effects of incumbent Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID shutdowns on the state with a series of actions aimed at improving its economy and education system.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital ahead of Tuesday’s primary, the longtime businessman slammed Whitmer over the damage he said she caused Michigan’s businesses, outlined his plans to revitalize the state’s business climate and argued he is the candidate in a crowded Republican field with the best chance to win in November.

“Gov. Whitmer’s shutdowns made Michigan first in a couple of areas, and I’ll share them with you,” Rinke said. “We were first in the country in small businesses closed per capita. We were first in the country in personal income lost per capita, 9.8%. We were first in the country with the number of women who lost their jobs during COVID.

Read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie here.

Arizona Senate candidates Masters, Lamon, grapple over America First label as primary heats up

Blake Masters and Jim Lamon, who are competing for a shot to unseat Sen. Mark Kelly, traded barbs as each claims to be the America First candidate in the Arizona primary.

The race is particularly crucial, since Republicans, hoping to take control of the Senate after the November midterm elections, view Kelly as vulnerable. Both candidates touted their MAGA bona fides as a pitch for the primary as well as the general election, which Cook Political Report labels as a toss-up.

“I’ve created lots of jobs in America, thousands of them—tens of thousands in counting all the companies that I’ve got,” Lamon told Fox News when touting his America First credentials. “Hiring veterans first, giving back philanthropically.”

But Masters pointed to his endorsement from former President Trump, a fact plastered on his campaign ads and on the back of his campaign van.

“President Trump endorsed me because he knows I’ll be the best in terms of securing our border,” Masters told Fox News in an exclusive interview.

To read more from Fox News’ Ethan Barton and Matt Leach, click here.

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Polls closing in Michigan, Missouri and Kansas

Polls are beginning to close in Michigan, Missouri and Kansas.

In Michigan’s gubernatorial race, former businesswoman Tudor Dixon has been seen as the front-runner in a crowded Republican primary field that included businessman Kevin Rinke and chiropractor Garrett Soldano, among others. She received endorsements from former President Donald Trump and former Michigan Gov. John Engler.

“Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib was also on the ballot, facing what could be a tough challenge from fellow Democrat, and Detroit City Clerk, Janice Winfrey, while incumbent Republican Rep. Peter Meijer could be facing a tough primary challenge from the right.

In Missouri, voters cast ballots to determine which Democrat and Republican would face off in the general election to replace retiring Republican Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, with a close race between Eric Greitens, Eric Schmitt, and Congresswoman Ricky Hartzler for the Republican nomination.

In Kansas, voters will decide which Republican candidate will likely go on to face incumbent Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly, should she win her primary, while voters in the 3rd Congressional District will determine which Republican will face vulnerable incumbent Democrat Rep. Sharice Davids. Voters also decided on a measure that could provide lawmakers in the state with the ability to regulate abortion.

Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Karrin Taylor Robson blasts ‘fraud’ Kari Lake ahead of primary

Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson criticized her opponent, Kari Lake, ahead of Tuesday’s election, referring to her as a “fraud,” a “fake,” and a “fabulous actress” for her shift from being an anti-Trump Republican to singing the former president’s praises as she seeks to win the party’s nomination for governor.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Robson detailed why she was the “better choice” over Lake to take on the likely Democratic nominee, Katie Hobbs, in the November general election, and touted her experience as a business owner and community servant as reasons primary voters should choose her on election day.

“I’m the better choice because I don’t need on the job training. I’ll tell the voters that if you want to see what that looks like, look at Kamala Harris. It’s not pretty,” Robson said, comparing Lake, a former journalist, to gaffe-prone Vice President Kamala Harris.

Read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie here.

Tudor Dixon criticizes Gretchen Whitmer over education policies, damage to students during COVID

EXCLUSIVE – Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon said Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is responsible for a decline in the state’s education system, due in large part to her strict COVID policies, and for vetoing a number of bills that Dixon said would have helped improve literacy. 

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Dixon detailed what she believed led to the “decline” in how the state was teaching its children, blamed Whitmer’s administration for causing the downturn, and outlined her plans to make Michigan’s education system one of the best in the country.

“I think it’s important that we talk about [Whitmer’s] record and what she has done to the state, and first and foremost our children – what’s happened in education,” Dixon said. 

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“Our kids were kept out of school for longer than most other states. In fact, if you talk to Republican governors, they would say blue states stayed out of school for twice as long as red states,” she added, referring to the extended shutdown of in-person learning statewide due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie here.

Three GOP front-runners in Missouri Senate race vow to oppose McConnell as Majority Leader

Three GOP front-runners competing in Missouri’s primary Senate race have all vowed that they will not support Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., as Senate majority leader if the Republicans take back the chamber in November.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens all spoke out against Minority Leader McConnell in three separate statements this week.

Schmitt was the first this week to blast the minority leader while speaking at a campaign event in Columbia, Missouri, Wednesday. “I think we need new leadership in the Senate,” Schmitt told a reporter.

To read more from Fox News’ Aubrie Spady, click here.

Trump, Pence, abortion all in spotlight as five states hold primaries on Tuesday

Former President Donald Trump’s immense sway over the Republican Party is once again on the line as five states from the Midwest to the West Coast hold primaries on Tuesday.

On the ballot in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington are high-profile gubernatorial, Senate and House nomination showdowns.

Also in the spotlight: three House Republicans who voted to impeach the then-president over the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol are fighting for their political lives as they face Trump-backed challengers; a proxy war between Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence; and a member of the so-called “Squad” of diverse, progressive House Democrats faces a primary challenge.

Kansas voters will weigh in on abortion in the first ballot box test since the Supreme Court’s conservative majority in June overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, sending the combustible issue of legalized abortion back to the states.

To read more from Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser,
click here.

Trump-backed Kari Lake shared anti-Trump ‘not my president’ meme in 2017 Facebook post

An Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate backed by Donald Trump shared a post on Facebook stating that Trump was “Not My President” just days before the former president’s inauguration in 2017.

The anti-Trump post from Kari Lake’s account read, “Will you be protesting the inauguration? If so, which of these suggestions will you adopt? Will you boycott TV coverage? Wear black? Donate money the ACLU, NAACP or Planned Parenthood? Use the hashtag #NotMyPresident? Will you unfollow Donald Trump?”

After Fox News Digital requested a statement from the Kari Lake for Governor campaign, the post disappeared from her page.

Read more from Fox News’ Aubrie Spady here.

Trump refuses to take sides, backing ‘ERIC’ in Missouri’s combustible GOP Senate primary showdown

Former President Donald Trump on Monday backed “ERIC” in Missouri’s high profile and combative GOP Senate nomination race, on the eve of the state’s primary.

After teasing hours earlier that he would be making an endorsement in the race, Trump declined to choose between two of the three front-runners in the primary – Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens.

Instead, Trump gave his support to both of them.

“I trust the Great People of Missouri, on this one, to make up their own minds, much as they did when they gave me landslide victories in the 2016 and 2020 Elections, and I am therefore proud to announce that ERIC has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” the former president wrote in a statement released by his Save America political action committee.

To read more from Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser, click here.

Primary challenger to Cori Bush blasts her call to defund the police, private security spending

The Democratic primary challenger to far-left “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., is calling her out over her defund the police position, as well as the massive amount of money she has spent on private security despite those calls, ahead of the Tuesday election.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Democratic Missouri state Sen. Steve Roberts argued voters in the state’s 1st Congressional District were feeling “buyer’s remorse” for electing Bush and vowed to work across the aisle to support policies that citizens in the district were actually concerned about, including crime.

“[Bush] continues to say that we need to defund the police department. I will tell you, at every community meeting, town hall meeting, meetings with our business leaders, they say the number one issue facing Saint Louis City and County is crime. And no one believes defunding the police is the right solution to that problem,” Roberts said.

To read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie, click here.

Out-of-state donors spending millions to protect abortion in Kansas ahead of statewide vote

Kansas will become the first state in the nation to vote on abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and pro-choice groups and individuals outside the state are spending millions of dollars in contributions in an attempt to influence the outcome of that vote.

On Aug. 2, voters will cast ballots on the Value Them Both constitutional amendment, which will decide whether elected representatives will have the ability to regulate abortion in Kansas after the state’s Supreme Court previously found the 1859 Kansas Constitution grants a “natural right” to abortion.

Read more from Fox News’ Kyle Morris here.

Trump-backed Washington GOP House candidates to take on pro-impeachment Republicans

Two Washington GOP House candidates, both of whom are seeking to represent two different Congressional districts in the state, will face off in their primary elections next week against incumbent Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump last year, insisting that those impeachment votes will move voters to the polls.

The two vulnerable Republicans – Third Congressional District Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Fourth Congressional District Rep. Dan Newhouse – are up against several challengers in each of their primary elections, with both seeking to fend off two different challengers who have received the backing of Trump.

In recent interviews with Fox News Digital, Loren Culp, a former Washington police chief who is challenging Newhouse, and Joe Kent, a retired Army Special Forces chief warrant officer who is challenging Beutler, insisted that the votes to impeach Trump by the two GOP House members could have an impact on Tuesday’s election.

To read more of this story from Fox News’ Kyle Morris, click here.

Gay GOP House candidate insists ‘new Republican Party’ more accepting, working to unite Americans

Corey Gibson, a Republican candidate in the race to represent Washington’s 4th Congressional District, says he believes the “new Republican Party” is uniting Americans – no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.

While he has not made it a focus of his campaign, Gibson, speaking in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, provided insight into his campaign’s mission and how being a gay man running in a crowded primary field has had little to no effect on how voters view his candidacy.

Read more from Fox News’ Kyle Morris here.

Fox News Election Brief: Trump, Pence, abortion in spotlight as five states hold primaries Tuesday

KEY RACES: AZ Governor & Senate, MI Governor, MI-03, MI-11, MO Senate, WA Senate, WA-03, WA-04, WA-08, KS Governor, and KS abortion amendment.

Polls begin to close in Arizona at 7PM MT, in Kansas at 7PM CT, in Michigan at 8PM ET, in Missouri in 7PM CT, and in Washington in 8PM PT.

NEVER MISS A MOMENT — Check out our midterm coverage here and follow live election results at the Fox News Election center.

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