Calangute Beach is considered to be one of the most full of activities and commercialised beaches in North Goa. This is the reason why it is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’.

It is located around 15 km from the Panjim and is one of the longest beaches in North Goa, stretching right from the Candolim to Baga beach. Because of its sheer size and growing fame, it is the center point for tourists and backpackers who come from across the globe to wonderful time during their stay in hotels in Calangute Goa.

When the melodious sound of the waves fuses with beats of music from beach shacks, Calangute Beach becomes more alive. It is the perfect location in Goa to look for lodging as it is quite easy to reach other beaches in the north including Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Aguada, and many more.

Here are some of the fun-filled activities that you can do during your stay in hotels in Calangute Goa:


Parasailing or para-climbing is a pleasurable water sport in which two types of equipment are required – parachute and speedboat. Among all the beaches in Goa, Calangute beach is considered to be the best place provided you want to enjoy water sports like parasailing. It is relatively a safe type of sports activity in which you can indulge in. In this activity, you basically fly at the end of a rope which is further tied to a speedboat thrusting at the altitude of 300 to 320 feet, thereby giving you the experience of bird’s eye view of the south-west shoreline of India.

Water Surfing

It is yet another most popular and enjoyable water sports that you can experience on the Calangute beach.  In this type of sports, the wave rider or the surfer rides on the moving or coming water waves. The rider is supposed to be facing forward while surfing. For this, you need to take professional training before you dive into the beach with a surfing board and have the most thrilling time while surfing.

Banana ride

All the vacationers who plan to go to Goa with their family and friends and are looking forward to having some exciting time then definitely banana ride is your cup to tea. It is a blow-up boat that is designed just like a banana and attached to a speedboat, which takes it along the water at relatively high speeds. Everyone riding the banana boat must hold fast as securely as possible as the speedboat tends to turn around the blow-up boat thereby making its passengers fall into the water. It is definitely an exciting ride both for kids and grown-ups. For kids, the minimum age group for taking the ride is around 10 years.

If you want to enjoy the days filled with exhilarating beach fun and let your hair down while dancing on the beats of music, then book your room in the hotels in Calangute Goa to have the best time of your lifetime.