Credit Card Bajaj Finserv

Credit cards have changed the way you spend. They allow you to make secure and convenient credit purchases and offer emergency loans and ATM withdrawals too. The best thing about credit cards is that you can earn credit card reward points and redeem these points for gift vouchers, air miles or use them to buy merchandise listed on your issuer’s rewards catalogue.

Though most cards today offer these features, certain lenders customise these offers based on various user profiles. These offers also differ based on the type of card you choose. Here’s a list of the most popular types of credit cards in India. Take note of the same to identify a card that best suits you and then proceeds with your credit card application.

Fuel credit card

A fuel credit card offers reward points and discounts every time you make a transaction. Additionally, you can also save from the cashbacks and fuel surcharge waivers every time you spend on refuelling your motor vehicle. What’s more, when you transact at specific petrol pumps across India, as approved by the issuer, you can earn accelerated reward points. Use the fuel card if you commute by your own motor vehicle regularly.

Travel credit card

Travel credit cards are designed to offer benefits on domestic and international travel transactions. These credit card issuers tie-up with travel and airline companies to offer benefits like air miles, free access to airport lounges, and more. With some cards, you can convert reward points into air miles and book airplane tickets and upgrade seats. What’s more, a travel credit card also offers travel insurance coverage and reward points on holiday and hotel bookings.

Business credit card

Business or corporate credit cards are designed specifically for businesses and professionals working for corporates. These are offered by employers of an organisation to their employees for business transactions only. Business cards become dysfunctional when you cease employment with your company. With these cards, you can earn reward points, cashbacks, and discounts on travel and hotel bookings. Some cards also offer other benefits like insurance coverage, free airport lounge access, waivers on the fuel surcharge, bill payments, and others.

Credit cards for women

These credit cards are specifically designed for women and offer a range of benefits. These include cashbacks, reward points on shopping, waived off fuel surcharge, insurance coverage, and travel benefits.

Cashback credit card

Cashback credit cards offer 5% to 20% cashback on a range of transactions such as movie tickets, utility bill payments, grocery purchases, restaurant bills, and more. Additionally, you can also enjoy reward points, fuel surcharge waivers, shopping privileges, and more.

Evaluate your needs and choose the best among the aforementioned credit cards while also considering the cost, which relates to joining fees, interest rates, etc. Consider availing a Bajaj Finserv RBL SuperCard to enjoy the power of 4 cards, a credit card, an EMI card, a loan card, and an ATM card.


Use this card to avail interest-free emergency loans for up to 90 days and interest-free ATM withdrawal for up to 50 days. With a basic set of eligibility criteria and minimal documentation, you can enjoy instant approval. Check your pre-approved offer to view your personalized deal and further expedite your financing.