WordPress themes for dentist

We all have seen many online dental-related websites where you can book an online appointment from the dentist. But do you ever think about how this kind of website is generally made? Well, these types of websites are usually made by using some special themes i.e. WordPress dental themes.

WordPress dentist themes are specially designed for making a theme for dental purposes. The themes contain different styling and design templates that can be used for creating a multipurpose and elegant website of your own.

Today, here in this article we are going to discuss some of the best Dentist WordPress themes. So let’s start the topic.


ProDent is one of the most effective and easy platforms where you can create any website that can be used for the dental clinic.

The fascinating thing about this theme is that it provides stylish homepage designs and different style variations for the users. Thanks to the pre-built dentist clinic website, you should have no trouble starting a professional website for your business.

There is no need to worry about the disappearance of potential new patients with this topic. The main benefit of using this theme is that even a person having less knowledge can easily be able to understand the services and facilities provided under this theme.

With the default homepage layout of the ProDent theme, you also have the opportunity to display a phone number that your visitors can call to schedule an appointment. It is also easy to highlight your main dental services, thanks to the feature grid on the homepage.

It also has a pre-defined module for all previous patients where they can submit their feedback from the feedback form. In fact, it is fair to say that the ProDent homepage is loaded with optional sections and modules, which will help you create a dental website for your business needs.

As well as high-quality homepage designs, ProDent includes templates for all internal pages that your site needs.


Dentalia is one of the best dentist WordPress themes that can be used for launching a website for dental clinics and practices. Although anyone offering medical and health-related services can use the subject a lot, Dentalia should be a perfect match for their goals in the field of dentistry.

Homepage design includes all of web design trends, including a full-width layout, an animated slider, and multiple sections to promote your services and business. For additional options, the homepage comes in a few different varieties that you can easily change between the touch of a button.

The Dentalia customization options, however, do not stop with the homepage layout. It provides you a powerful and attractive control panel through which you can control each and every element of your website. For example, creating custom and unique color schemes, changing fonts and typography settings, and choosing from a library of icons is all through the dental theme controls.

This beautiful WordPress theme provides an easy and attractive dental icon through which your user can interact with your site in an easy and influential way. The Dentalia Theme Package also has a powerful page builder tool that helps you make any other changes to your website.

One of the particularly good features of this topic that dentists should appreciate is the slider before and after. Dentalia is packed with useful features, a competitive choice in WordPress themes for the category of dentists.


MediClinic is a multi-purpose and easy to interact medical WordPress theme that comes with a great dental website demo.

Mediclinic is a good choice for creating a dentist as it provides a matchless variety of tools and features for your dental website. With a few clicks, you can import this fully created website into your WordPress site. Then it is simply a matter of replacing the demo text and images with their content.

Of course, with MediClinic you can do more customization work than replacing the demo content with your own. With a powerful set of theme controls, you can easily change colors, fonts, layout options, and more, without ever seeing a single line of code.

It is one of the easiest and effective ways through which you can easily create any kind of dental WordPress site. The theme includes Premium Visual Composer Page Builder plugin that can be used to give your website an apprehensive look. Using this tool, you can customize any pre-made content that ships with the Medical theme. You can easily create your page design from Visual Composer either by using a template or starting with a blank canvas.

Visual Composer is packed with modules and content blocks so you can start assembling your own page layouts with relative ease. All of this helps make Medicine Clinic one of the most flexible WordPress dentist disciplines.

MediClinic brings together all the useful features from the best medical disciplines to help you create the perfect WordPress dentist website.


Dent-All is designed with a purpose and helps you have lunch on the website of a professional dentist clinic.

If you are starting a new dental practice or your existing clinic needs a new website, Dent-All is well worth a test drive. If you check out the Dent-All website demo, you will quickly see that it is a theme with a modern design and an impressive set of features.

Along with promoting your clinic and services, the Dent-All WordPress Theme focuses on helping you turn many visitors of your website into new patients. The default menu layout has a contact button that is hard to miss. The homepage of this WordPress theme offers an online booking form to the users. Placeholders are also present with the Dent-All theme to display your phone number.

If you are looking for a way to offer an online dental appointment booking system to your patients, then this theme includes all the necessary tools. Now your user can easily book their appointment online without any hectic.

Different style layout and template features are included on the homepage of this beautiful WordPress theme. This makes it very easy to add FAQs, image galleries, pricing and testimonials pages to your website.

Dent-All is a feature-rich WordPress Support theme, so if you like its design and style, it can be a great choice for your website.

Dental Clinic

The dental clinic works well for a range of medical websites, including dental professions and practices. It is also known as one of the most powerful WordPress Dentist themes from ThemeForest. If you to grow your business in the field of dentistry then you should really go for the Dental Clinic. Like some of the other WordPress themes displayed here for dentists, Dental Clinic makes it very easy to import demo content into your website.

Once that task is completed, adding your words and pictures is very straightforward. So, if you are new to WordPress and web design in general, creating a website with a dental clinic theme should not be out of reach.

For those who are feeling more adventurous, the package has a drag-and-drop page builder that gives you complete control over the design and appearance of your dental website. Along with customizing demo content with this tool, you can make site-wide changes to the theme using the theme control panel, such as colors and fonts to match your branding and upload the logo of your dental clinic Adjusting

Dental Clinic also has full support for WPML, the leading multilingual WordPress plugin.

Therefore, if you are building a website with content in more than one language, this theme will provide all the necessary functionality. Other themes were originally created to integrate this theme including all the most popular SEO plugins, two premium slider plugins that are in the Dental Clinic package, and contact tools such as Ninja Forms and WPForms.

Dental clinics can be used in one-page mode or more traditional multi-page website format, giving you plenty of options when setting up your site.


So these are some of the best dentist WordPress themes that can be used to create some of the best WordPress dentist websites. You can use these themes for creating any kind of dental website. You can easily book an appointment for a dental checkup.

The theme provides all the support to the user so that he doesn’t have to face any kind of difficulty in executing the website. We do really hope that you really like this article and if you have any suggestions and feedback then you can mention it in the comment box.