Somewhere there is mud calling your name.

Your all-terrain vehicle gets lonely when it’s not with you and feels awful when it’s clean – basically, they’re just mechanical dogs that you can ride. Riding a stock ATV is fine for rentals and tooling around the yard, but for real adventure you need to personalize it, and there are as many different ways to do it as there are riders.

An ATV mod can be as simple as custom grips and as complicated as a full-vehicle overhaul. Some increase performance or comfort, while others can be utilitarian, such as a snorkel kit. There are some, however, that are far more common and can have a major impact on how you use your vehicle. Here are the Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki Prairie 360 ATVs, in ascending order, that get the most bang for the buck.

3. Change the Suspension to Match Your Needs

For full off-road use on rough terrain or trails, a suspension lift as little as one inch can make a major difference between bottoming out the frame and rolling past an obstacle. There are aftermarket parts for Kawasaki Prairie 360 ATVs that can lift the chassis to meet your custom needs.

Suspensions also can be upgraded by installing high-performance shock absorbers. Some of the best shocks will have a separate oil reservoir to help reduce overheating. They often provide a superior ride quality by damping rebound and adjusting faster to bumps, giving far better handling under punishing conditions and improving safety. With the right suspension, you can stay in the seat instead of catching air.

2. Beef Up the Exhaust

There are a few ways to mod your stock pipes; even repacking the muffler will often improve airflow. A performance exhaust system will generate more horsepower and torque when you need it the most. Some are slip-on mufflers, while others might require more knowledge. By using an unrestricted core, you can significantly increase power by providing the engine ideal backpressure. Make sure you tune your fuel to the new system for maximum fun and better engine longevity!

Many areas require spark arrestors, which can be purchased separately, although most performance-series ATV mufflers will include them. Some places also have noise restrictions, so consider where it will be used and if a professional-grade muffler will need quiet packing.

1. A Winch Can Really Save Your Bacon

Now that your ATV has been modded, you’ll want to hit the trail. With the new gear, you’re sure to not get stuck – until you do. If you aren’t pushing the limits with your machine, sell it and open a tea cosy store, because there’s someone who will find it some real mud.

So, now you’re stuck – but who cares? You have a winch. That winch is the single best way to mod an ATV that’s going to be used aggressively. Virtually any stationary object (or a strong friend or two) can be attached to that line to yank you out and get you back in the race. If you’re mudding alone without a winch, you’re asking for a bad, bad time.

With both genuine Kawasaki parts, the right aftermarket mods, and cheap motorcycle riding gear, you’ll stay in the game and even lead the pack. After all, the view only changes for the lead dog.