home decoration

Everyone wishes to give their home a high-end look. Whenever I head out on a shopping spree for my home’s new interior, I hunt for luxurious and elegant pieces. No, they do not cost me an arm and a leg because the things I select look expensive while they are not. For example, my most recent purchase was Khaadi home cushion covers that I bought online. Affordable and extremely elegant.

Here are tricks to give your home an expensive look while staying within a budget.

Invest in Textiles

One of the best ways to dress up a room is to place pillows/cushions in it wherever appropriate. You do not have to head to the most expensive home textile stores to get cushions/pillows. The most economical option is to look for a reasonable local fabric store. You will often come across some beautiful scraps. These scraps are available at reduced prices. Because you would not require yards and yards of fabric to make cushion/pillow covers, these scraps would do great.

You do not need to have uniform covers for all cushions/pillows as well. Put your aesthetic sense to use and choose contrasting scrap pieces from the lot. And give your lounge/bedroom/ living room a chic, expensive and elegant look.

Make the Curtains Hit the Floor

If your window game is strong, you can give any room in your house an instant luxe look. However, there is one thumb rule that you need to follow when you purchase draperies or curtains for your beautiful windows. NEVER invest in curtains are too short. The length matters because a short curtain gives your windows (and the room) a very cheap look.

Therefore, make sure that you measure your windows before you go fabric hunting for them. The best fabric to choose for your windows is sheer and lightweight cotton. Take it to the tailor and let the magic happen.

Invest in Large-Scale Art

An oversized piece of art would grab everyone’s attention. It will also give your living room/lounge an instant luxe and cool feel. While also giving an expensive touch to space. However, there is a little thought that you need to put in while selecting the piece of art as well. You cannot just head to Bed, Bath & Beyond and pick a random beach landscape to hang on your wall. Rather, you should head to a secondhand shop and choose for yourself a piece that narrates a backstory.

Your artwork needs to give a personal kind of feeling. That will help add to the coziness and comfort of the room. People will also be able to relate to that space more.

Layered Lighting Concept

One of the most important concepts in any space is the lighting and how you incorporate it within that space. To add depth to any room in your house, you should consider having a variety of lighting sources. However, this does not imply that you spend huge amounts of money on lighting. You can do so while remaining on a thin budget as well.

Consider paying a visit to Target or Goodwill. Other than that, you should consider the various forms in which you can add lighting to your room. This includes handing a pendant light, placing candles in reflective containers or adding plug-in sconces. You can play around with lighting sources adding both depth and luxe to any room in many ways.

Update Your Hardware

In case you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious upgrade, invest in new hardware. Investing in the latest trends even when bought from an inexpensive look gives your house a modern and luxe look. So, now and then, consider replacing the old hardware with new pieces. For example, you can invest in a new towel bar that looks the same as the drawer handles.

Add Molding

You can also consider giving your plain old-looking walls, a modern update. Try adding molding to the walls. There are many options available when it comes to molding patterns. From adding narrow strips to a specific design, you can choose what best goes with your taste.

Update the Entryway

The entry to your house should look welcoming. You do not have to go the extra mile to install a very expensive door at the entryway. Painting the door in a bold color or placing planters can go a long way.

I hope these tricks were of help to you. The tips are not limited to the ones stated in this blog. For more ideas, you can always ask Google. However, in my opinion, the best ideas are in the furniture or interior design books.