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Repainting a property or a business establishment is something that everyone will ponder during the life of the building. While some prefer to opt for DIY painting methods, there are some who are scared to take the risk and prefer to let the experts do the job. There are a lot of factors that one needs to consider before opting for a DIY option or a painting contractor investment. Some of the key factors that one should consider include:

painting contractors melbourne

Get References and Evaluate Past Work

One should get a list of potential painting contractors Melbourne from friends and family members. From the list, one should talk to a few of them and know about the previous work or projects they have undertaken. An experienced painter will provide references of people whom he has worked with earlier, without the simplest hesitation. Talking to the previous customers of the painters will help you understand about the nature of work the painter conduct

Looking for the Pros

For each job, it is best to screen at least three different painting contractors. Also, it is best to stay at the business location to have the face to face meeting with the contractors. This meeting will provide you clarity on how much time each contractor took to evaluate the property and provide a quote. The more time the contractor spends at the property the more realistic will be the cost estimate. If the painting contractor provides an expensive quote, it is better to move to another contractor. Also, it is best to check with each contractor about the number of painters he has in his crew and also their overall experience in the market.

Getting the Right Kind of Contract

After you complete a comparison of all the three estimates provided by the painting contractors, you are ready to move into the next step. You should request the chosen contractor to provide a written agreement. The details in the written agreement should include:

  • Details about the overall surface preparation
  • The type of paint products that will be used
  • The complete schedule for the job and the number of payments

Most of the experts recommend that you don’t pay the money by cash. However, if you still want to pursue this route, you should at least make sure that you have an e-mail confirmation from the painter about the business transaction. This is very important to ensure that you don’t lose money due to a soured business relationship.

painting contractors

Looking for a Guarantee

Every professional painting contractor is known to provide at least a 2-year guarantee. This includes damage due to chalking, fading, flaking, blistering, peeling, or chipping. The painter should guarantee that damages like this will be repaired at minimal or no cost. If the contractor communicates that the paint itself does have a warranty, it is very important to know that his labor does not include the warranty terms. So, it is very important to cover labor terms in the warranty as well.

Choosing the Paint

The smart painting contractors will get you to choose the paint and the finish material on their own. During such cases, you should exercise due diligence and ensure that you are selecting both the paint and finish. This will help you in being satisfied with the job that is being done.

Overall, all these factors play important in selecting the right painting contractors. It is not every day that you go and get your property repainted. So, exercise due diligence and ensure that the best contractor is chosen for the painting job at hand.