Guest Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Arranging your home for visitors can be a joyful experience.

A skilled host can set up the ideal guest room layout that provides a warm and welcoming environment for their guests with just a little imagination.

While setting up a guest bedroom, take a moment to consider what you would like to see in a 5-star hotel and strive to make your room meet that standard.

#1. Create a comfy sleeping place

Even if a room lacks a bed but has a sofa or an air mattress, it can be nice and comfortable.

Even though you perceive it as a “spare room,” you shouldn’t treat your guest bedroom as such. Have a bedside table or two for each side, a couple of chairs, and a reading desk.

You can also buy a dressing table if you already don’t have one ready. All these constitute the ideal guest bedroom space, so consider this when purchasing additional furnishings.

Moreover, ensure that the furniture is clean and free of stains. Some stylish blinds and comfy pillows will make the area feel homey and welcoming.

#2. Light up the guest bedroom

Strategically positioned wall lamps will provide adequate lighting, so your guest can read in bed. Like any other bedroom, a guest room benefits from some décor essentials – lighting is the most important one.

Having table lamps is one of the simplest methods to add energy to your guest bedroom. They can often offer an elegant touch to the area and create a homey atmosphere for your visitors.

On the other hand, you can lay the groundwork by installing an above-ceiling light with dimmer control.

#3. Add important features 

It is crucial to have hangers for jeans, skirts, and shirts. The guest room closet is ideal for storing an iron and ironing board if you have enough space.

It’s one of those hotel conveniences we take for granted, but it’s nearly always absent from guest rooms. An ironing board and an iron are often not pleasant to see.

Hidden in the guest room, you keep them out of sight and out of the way and allow your guests easy access to them when necessary.

#4. Entertainment is a critical ingredient for happy guests.

Your guests will have much free time, which they may prefer to spend in a quiet room. Put a television set in the room and add cable and streaming services, so they don’t become too bored.

When your guests come, take the time to demonstrate how everything works. You should also plainly write down the Wi-Fi password and place it on the dresser for them.

You may prepare a booklet or binder with information about the location in case they seek something to do while you and your family are occupied. Highlight popular local places and restaurants loved by your family.

If necessary, include maps, general directions, and phone numbers or website addresses. When you have company around, you want them to feel at ease.

#5. Storing your belongings

Another essential in a guest bedroom is storage. You must ensure that your guests have enough room to store their belongings. Keeping all their clothing in luggage will only result in the regular borrowing of an iron.

So, clean out the closet in your guest bedroom and let your guests unpack. If you’re not sure what to do with the stuff from the closet you need to remove, place them in a portable storage container.

According to experts from, this is an excellent method to create more space in your home and provide your visitors with adequate storage.

#6. Vibrant colors can make a big difference.

Painting the room comes before bringing in any furnishing, plants, or accessories. Choose a theme and use bright colors to create the ideal guest room.

White or anything similar is usually a good choice, so you can keep the same motif when setting up a guest bedroom. Dark tones on the walls make the space appear smaller.

This is especially problematic in guest bedrooms, which are often smaller than master bedrooms. To make your guest room feel roomier, paint it in light, neutral colors.

You can also paint the room yourself. Nothing beats clever and inventive DIY projects. Be courageous and try painting the room yourself, but remember the following:

  • Avoid putting paint on your new surface before you clean your wallsBrushes and rollers should not be washed after each coat; wrap them securely to keep them wet.
  • If you can’t take the dirt off yourself, baby oil will remove any paint residues.

#7. Make an illusion of a bigger space.

Another tip for making a space appear larger is to place mirrors strategically. Mirrors provide the illusion that a room is larger than it is.

Place one or two on the wall, bearing in mind the location of the light sources, to take the greatest advantage.

They should be placed near the bed or opposite the windows. Mirrors are also handy for your visitors as they prepare for the day.

Be different from others; add some pillows or restyle your old nightstands.

This is an opportunity to create a great environment that looks expensive, and you don’t even have to break your bank.

Going bold while setting up a guest bedroom can be a tad more challenging because you want to be sure it’s all warm and cozy. With that in mind, it’s still worth including some fun features.

For instance, you can use colorful cushions as accent pieces in the room. You can also add some interesting artwork.

The lighting fixtures in attractive designs can quickly transform the room. Options are limitless, and you can always consult a professional interior designer if you struggle with coming up with ideas.

Do not overlook your guests’ pets.

People frequently travel with their dogs (or cats), so keep this in mind while setting up a guest bedroom. A dog bed, as well as food and water containers, will be enough to indicate that your guest’s pets are equally welcome.

Lastly, leaving a few snacks will make your shedding visitor feel more comfortable. If you are concerned about allergens or cat litter after your visitors have left, you may always call expert cleaning services.

Cleaning companies may also assist you in preparing your place for visitors, so if you don’t have time to vacuum, sweep or scrub the room yourself, give this work to professionals.

Setting up a guest bedroom that will meet all criteria and expectations from you and your guests is not that hard to achieve. All you need are a few pointers and some ideas.