enhance phone

If you’re an avid smartphone user, chances are you’ve figured out how to use your device to navigate to work, home and the next bar crawl. You likely use your phone to do basic tasks and use them for communication. Aside from these basic features though, did you know that there are some additional capabilities your cell phone has to offer?

Lucky for you, we’re going to review the tips and tricks you’ll need to enhance your smartphone experience. The best part is, some of these tricks can even put off the need for cell phone repair, like this first suggestion which will go over how to get the most use out of your battery.

Save Battery Life

Have you had the misfortune of your battery completely draining when you need to use your cell phone the most? Although you have your favorite apps at the ready to be used whenever you need them, these apps could be draining the juice out of your battery.

Here are some tips to handle your battery better to prolong its life:

  • Close each app properly after you use it. Apps running in the background can even be draining your device of precious juice and hurting your battery, causing the need for cell phone repair.
  • To get a bird’s eye view on which apps are the most problematic for your battery, see how much battery each app is using.

To do this on an Android, head to Settings, then tap on battery. Most devices will show you a list of apps and the amount of battery life they are using. You might have to tap Battery Usage to see this information. Now you can pinpoint the battery leeching apps and remove them one by one if you don’t typically need them.

Lower your Phone’s Brightness

Save battery by turning down the brightness of your display. Swipe down from the top of your screen or swipe up from the bottom to get to your phone’s control center to adjust the brightness.

Turn off Connections You Aren’t Using

While leaving Bluetooth, location, and wi-fi on all the time is convenient, they can drain the life of your battery. You can set these to automatically switch on and off with apps like If This Then That, or Tasker.

Put Your Phone to Sleep

Lots of us listen to music as we sleep, but if you leave this on, you are listening to music unnecessarily through the night, disturbing your sleep.

You can automatically turn your music off on Android by tapping More which is found at the top and give it a tap. Go to Settings, and tap on Music Auto-Off. Select this and set a timer for your music to automatically turn off.

Save Data Big Time

If you’ve got a data limit giving you stressed, you might figure it’s time to get off of social media. But there’s good news – you can select which apps should only be accessed via wi-fi.

Users can go to Settings, then Data Usage. Scroll down to see a list of your apps, and tap the app you’d like to use on wi-fi only. Tap on Restrict App Background Data.

Take Pictures more conveniently

Did you know you can take pictures by using the volume control buttons on the side of your phone?

Can the Spam

You might discover that a lot of your calls are now spam. There is a built-in call blocker that is easy and effective.

Go to Phone, then Settings, then tap on Caller ID & Spam to toggle it on, Now Google caller will display the names of companies and services that call, right with a Google My Business listing. You can mark spam numbers and see what other people have reported as spam.

Automatically Unlock Your Phone

Check out, Smart Lock. This sets your phone so that it will stay unlocked if you are in a location you trust or when it is paired with another device like your car.

To turn this on, tap on Security & Location, then Smart Lock. Put in your PIN, pattern, or passcode and choose the option you’d like.

These are just a small number of cell phone tricks and tips to make your experience better. Why not try them? Some of them might prevent the need for cell phone repair in the future!