Things Must Do in Varanasi

Varanasi is not only the oldest city in India but also the oldest colonized cities around the globe. It has a great religious significance and people go there to wash their sins in the river Ganges. The city is famous for different types of temples built in splendid architecture and demonstrates India’s rich culture.

The place also boasts of being a home to some of the best luxury Varanasi resorts for an ultimate retreat. The place has also emerged as a literary hub in India with numerous renowned universities. Here are the top things to do in Varanasi for an ultimate experience:-

Witness opulent evening arti ceremonies

Watching an evening arti ceremony at Varanasi is certainly once in a lifetime experience. People especially go to Varanasi to calm their soul by being a part of these holy ceremonies. Daswamedh Ghat is the place to be at for watching the spectacular event unfold in a most amazing way.

Beautifully lighted brass lamps swaying with chants are a thing to behold. One can also visit the ghats in evening boats for a mesmerizing view. The arti ceremonies are usually held at 6.45 P.M every day for about an hour.  While the sky shines with the radiance of the lamps, incense sticks fill the atmosphere with wonderful aromas.

Holy bath in the river Ganges

It is believed that taking a bath in the sacred Ganges River is a way to salvation and purifies the soul. Hence, the river Ganges has a lot of significance in the Hindu tradition. The mystical river can easily be accessed via different ghats. People from far off places visit the place just to take a dip in the holy waters. You will definitely miss a major part and your trip isn’t ever complete without taking a dip in the pious river.

Explore various Varanasi temples

Varanasi is full of divine temples and ghats which are present on every crossing and road. Large historical temples of Varanasi have a mention in Hindu mythology as well. The most famous temple is “The Kashi Vishwanath Temple” with magnificent architecture.

Durga temple is another popular temple built around 18th century. The temple has multi-tiered spires along with a rectangular water tank. The temple is quite famous among architecture students due to the Nagara style of architecture. The resorts in Varanasi too have beautiful architectures.

Visit the magnificent Ramnagar Fort

The magnificence of Ramnagar Fort will definitely make your monotonous afternoon lively. It is made up of colored sandstone which lends it a strong and sophisticated appeal.  The beautiful castle is made up with Mughal style of architecture.

The beautifully carved balconies, open courtyards and pavilions of the place are an absolute treat to the eyes. The major attractions of the fort are museums showcasing rare and unique collection and armoury hall which displays guns and swords from all around the globe.