water softener

Recreational vehicles make it possible to travel where you want when you want so that you can experience the beauty of the United States and beyond. Yet, as most experienced travelers know, just like every state, city, or town has a different character, so too, does its water.

Desert climates are so dry that they have to get water pumped in, which means that the water in these locations can seem sort of stale, while some mountain towns have perfectly pure water that’s just ideal for cooking and bathing. Yet some of the most common water issues that you’ll find nearly everywhere you go is hard water.

What exactly is hard water?

Well, quite simply, it is water that contains very high levels of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Most cities have hard water as a result of their soil composition. Hard water can be very frustrating. Typically, a shower taken in hard water can cause your skin to feel itchy and your hair to become dull and dry. Washing dishes can be even more of a chore than usual when it’s done in hard water.

That’s because high mineral content causes build-up, which makes it very difficult to get dishes thoroughly clean. This type of water just seems to react with soap in such a way that it doesn’t rinse completely clear. Yes, that’s correct, if you hate soap scum, then you should know that hard water is usually the reason for those coated and streaked dishes. Hard water can even cause rust build up in your RV pipes and it can create white scale deposits around RV faucets and shower heads. Hard water just isn’t good, but there are ways to prevent it.

So when your travels take you to locations with hard water, you can tell from your cracked skin, tangled hair, and spotty dishes. Of course, this isn’t what you want to be worrying about. Instead, you want to spend your time making the most of every place you visit, not feeling uncomfortable. A Water Softener For RV is the solution. These tools can control that water hardness, which means a much more pleasant shower and better-looking hair and skin (and clean, bright dishes, too).

Water softeners are easy to use and provide many benefits to users. When using a water softener for your RV, you just connect your water softener hose to the city water supply at the RV park, then attach your RV water hose to the water softener and then to your RV’s water outlet.

Most RV water softeners come with hardness strips so you can occasionally test your water. There’s a bit of maintenance involved with these softeners, but this only needs to be done a couple of times a year. This is simple to do, too, and if it means having soft water every time you shower or do the dishes, it’s worth it.

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