These days, you can find several different types of residential quantity surveyors, but their work differs according to their field of specialization and their job description. In general, they work in the field of land management, construction industry and property surveying. It is their duty to calculate and manage the cost of the projects that they have been assigned to. They finalise budget requirements based on their initial calculation and estimation.

A residential quantity surveyor is appointed at the very beginning of any project in order to provide advice on the practicality and feasibility of any project. They have to look at all aspects starting from the plan of construction to the repair efforts that might be needed as well. They have to oversee the entire capital expenditure throughout the different development phases.

For this particular reason, they have to be available on the site of construction until the project has been completed. Their main duty is to observe and predict any kind of cost that might arise or the actual cost that is being implemented. They require a quick-thinking capability in order to make any kind of changes and update the costing document. Keeping a check on things and constantly updating them in order to review later or during the procedure is a number one requirement.

The set of qualities that a residential quantity surveyor must have are:

  1. They need to think methodically
  2. They need to have a good knowledge about construction
  3. They should be skilled in problem solving
  4. They should have good management skills
  5. They should have good financial and numerical skills
  6. They should have good negotiation and communication skills
  7. They must have the ability to understand and absorb very complex information
  8. They should have a good knowledge about computers
  9. They should have a good understanding of legal and regulation idea about construction and building

The Different Duties Of a Residential Quantity Surveyor

Their jobs vary on a day to day basis and can involve both office and field works. They also have to communicate with clients as well as construction personnel. Projects are always different and can never be the same, which is why this is a type of profession that is perfect for people who do not like monotonous or routine work.

There are certain quantity surveyors who specialize in a particular sector and build their client basis from those particular sectors only. A residential quantity surveyor focuses on managing the residential sector. Like any other surveyor, they also have certain responsibilities:

  1. Prepare tenders
  2. Prepare contract documents
  3. Prepare cost analysis
  4. Monitor the cost variations
  5. Write reports
  6. Take a note on client requirements
  7. Conduct feasibility studies
  8. Allocation of work to the sub-contractors
  9. Make payments
  10. Field visit
  11. Provide contractual and legal advices
  12. Negotiate the cost

Focusing On The Residential Quantity Surveyor

There are two main types of quantity surveyors: commercial quantity surveyor and residential quantity surveyor. The latter’s job description requires them to put more focus on residential projects. They must have the same qualities as their commercial counter-parts, but must put more focus on their residential clients. Since they have to deal with a private land where people would be living, their job is extremely crucial. Usually they have to work under a very compact budget unless they have been given freedom. These days, the demand for quantity surveyors who specialise in the residential field has increased and you can easily find the one that best suits your requirements, preferences and budget.