Submersible Pump
Submersible Pump

A submersible pump which may also be known as an electric submersible pump is one that can be fully submerged in water. Because it is submerged in water, these pumps have hermetically same to the body and are close-coupled the body of the actual tank. The underlying mechanism of how submersible pumps work is that it pushes water upwards by converting the rotary energy into kinetic energy. This is basically done by the water that is being pulled into the pump.

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Things to Keep in Mind

In order to come to a proper decision as to which type of submersible pump will be best suited for your purpose. There are basically three things that you should keep in mind. The first thing you have to question is the application of the pump. You have to investigate why the pump will be needed in the first place and whether it will be used for raw water or sewage. Do your researches well before you start on with any kind of work.

The second most crucial factor that you must keep in check is what kind of pressure the pump will need to be pushing against. What you need to know here is high vertically, the pump will lead to pushing the water to the surface and also the approximate length of the horizontal run. The intake water is pushed by the impeller through the diffuser and then it goes up to the surface.

The next important factor to be kept in mind is what kind of flow rate the pump will need to handle. A rough measurement of how many GPS needs to be run through the pump at maximum capacity is enough. Once you are able find out the estimated value of the following three factors, it will easier to decide on what to purchase among all the option of the submersible pump.

Advantages of Submersible Pump

The most significant advantage of a submersible pump is that it never has to be primed because it is already submerged in the water. Also, these pumps are also extremely efficient. You will notice you do not have to spend an incredible amount of energy in order to push the water into the pump. The water pressure on itself pushes the water into the pump, which saves a lot of energy. These pumps are also incredibly versatile, which leaves you with a lot of options to choose from depending on what your application is.

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There are some pumps that work with both solids and liquids and some which have to be exclusively used for liquids only. These pumps are also always silent because the machine part is made submersed. You can also be relieved because captivation is never an issue with these pumps as there is no spike in the pressure of the water as it flows through the pump in itself.

Disadvantages of These Pumps

While submersible pumps have a number of advantages and there are some disadvantages that have to be addressed. The seal of this pump can become easily corroded over time. If the seal corroded, then the water can enter into the pump rendering it useless unless it is repaired. Another major discredit of these pumps is that they are not suitable for a versatile number of uses.


While these pumps are of great use, you have to look into the advantages and disadvantages of this product before you make the purchase. Also, take time considering the factors, so you find the one that fits your needs perfectly. As already mentioned, there are pumps that are suitable for a particular use and it has to be selected with care.