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Reasons for craving sweets all the time

Reasons for craving sweets

A food craving is something like an intense desire for a specific food. This remains uncontrollably until you are satisfied with the food. The cravings are mostly for junk and processed foods. Studies say that craving last for only about 3-4 minutes.

Every person has different cravings and it is a major roadblock for the people who try to maintain a healthy weight and want to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Amongst all, sugar cravings are the worst of all. It’s like a little army of meanies torturing you until you feed them up with jelly beans…!

So let us know about the reasons why really you have sugar cravings:

#1. You didn’t eat enough, or not go for healthy options

When you don’t get enough calories, your body starts looking for fuel to get energy. And the best and simple way to overcome is that you crave sugar! Sugar gives you quick energy, though it’s necessarily a good one.

So the one thing to get over this, is to grab something sweet with artificial sweeteners, right? But you are so wrong! Artificial sweeteners may provide you with satisfaction at that moment but your body soon starts looking for energy source again in the form of sugar, and BOOM! You are back where you started.

It’s not the sugar, it’s the calories that provide you with the real energy, so have them mindfully. Have them in the form of whole foods and break the sugar cycle once and for all. Also, you can buy healthcare products online using HealthKart Coupons.


#2. You got a bad habit picked up.

Some people end up destroying their gums even without realizing it. Some people bite upon their nails the entire lifetime. And some even make a habit of having a chocolate bar every day at 3.00 pm. Yes. All are bad habits.

When you make something as your habit, especially when it comes to food, ask yourself- are you really aware what are you doing? And do you really want to do it? If you are really hungry enough and have been starving the day throughout, breaking the vending machine to grab a chocolate bar is quite a natural task. Start eating mindfully and get the right types of calories that would defend you up against the bad habits and it will be much easier to change the habits.

But I would love to suggest one thing, whenever you are having a sweet craving, go out for a sweet herbal tea. Rather than going for artificial sweeteners, have naturally sweet tea such as apple spice or vanilla, having no added calories and at the same time, helps you to overcome your cravings. It really works.


#3. Eating too much starch rather than fats/proteins

 When you have a large bowl of a starchy bowl of spaghetti, you allow your body to go for a guaranteed gelato craving.    All that bowl contains no fiber or protein and the spicy sauce in it perhaps have not enough fats either. It’s just like a bowl of sugar of empty calories. These get absorbed fast and don’t keep you full or satisfied for a longer time. In other words, a bowl of starch is similar to a big bowl of sugar only. But its really a matter of concern for all those pasta lovers. No worries all that you need to know is portion control. Add a portion of lean protein and drizzle a little olive oil for some healthy fats. Another trick to get over it is to make spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti. Satiety is the rule here. Play it well, and you will win.


#4. had spicy salty foods.

When you munch of processed or packet foods, you consume much more sodium than you think. It even remains true when you are having grilled salmon or even steamed spinach in the restaurants. Here’s the catch: the saltier the food, the more is your sugar cravings. Try out, the more you are determined to leave chips or salty foods, the less is your cravings for sugars like donuts or cookies. Try having natural salty foods like cheese, olives, then your sweet cravings will surely lessen.

Choose clean healthy foods, whatever your craving may be. Moreover, if you are looking for Indigo recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

Cravings are there for everyone. The key is to know why you are getting them and make the necessary changes. The deal is to have a health plan in the first place and you may see the changes on your own.