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6 Amazing Benefits of Turbochargers

turbocharger kits

A turbocharger commonly known as the turbo is a gas compressor used to pass air into a combustion engine. The turbocharger increases the amount of air entering the engine which leads to the generation of more power. The compressor of the turbochargers is driven by a turbine which is powered by the exhaust gas coming out of the engine. Usually, when people think of a turbo engine the only thing that comes in their mind is speed. People think that it helps the vehicle to go faster. Yes, it is true that it makes the vehicle go faster but it is not the only thing that a turbocharger does. There are several other advantages of a turbo that helps your vehicle in several ways.

turbocharger kits

Few Advantages of Turbochargers

#1. Safer and Powerful: As turbochargers force more air into the engine generates more power thus making it more responsive as compared to a non-turbocharged engine. A powerful engine is safer on the roads as it is not likely to fail. As human needs oxygen to breathe engines also need oxygen to run properly. A turbo engine also receives more oxygen at higher altitudes because of forced induction that prevents stalling of the engine or accidents.

#2. Fuel-Efficient: Turbocharged engines are more fuel-efficient than non-turbo charged ones. As mentioned above the compressor of a turbocharger is driven by a turbine which is powered by the exhaust coming out of the engine. It generates extra power by using the exhaust gases which would have been wasted in a non-turbocharged engine by releasing them into the atmosphere. In this way, a small turbocharged engine produced more power by using less energy and making it fuel-efficient. The car is actually defined by the power it has with a minimum usage of the fuel.

#3. Environmentally Friendly: We all know how much the gases coming out of vehicles add to global warming. Governments around the world are making strict regulations to check vehicle emissions. As a turbocharged engine is fuel-efficient it releases less CO2 in the atmosphere. Manufacturers are using turbochargers to make lighter, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines without compromising on the power of the engine.  According to the regulations made by the governments the engines have to be light and fuel-efficient. These two conditions can be satisfied by the use of turbochargers in the engine.

#4. Makes less noise: The turbochargers are directly connected to the exhaust thus putting a restriction on the flow of the exhaust gases. This reduces the noise that is generated during the process. Moreover, turbocharged engines are smaller in size and small engines make less noise. An engine making less noise does not add much to noise pollution.

#5. Driving experience: No matter what other advantages an engine possesses the most important thing that is expected of a vehicle engine is the driving experience. As the turbocharged engines produce more power, torque it delivers a wonderful driving experience. The best thing about a turbocharged engine is that it delivers more power, better responsiveness, and performance without consuming a large amount of fuel and not polluting the environment too.

#6. Small size and lightweight: Turbocharged engine requires less number of cylinders to produce the same power. Less number of cylinders means the size of the engine will be small and it will weigh less. The efficiency of the vehicle increases with the corresponding decrease in the weight of the vehicle.

So, now you know all the advantages of a turbocharged engine. An engine with turbochargers not only makes your car faster but it also makes the vehicle fuel-efficient, safer, environmentally friendly and gives you a better driving experience.