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4 Reasons why you should pick up Tableau

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The world we live in depends on a huge amount of data and the amount of it is increasing daily. The world’s collective internet usage had reached one zettabyte way back in 2016. Now, a lot depends on the data and very little of it is easily tangible. To bring data alive to plain eyes is a difficult task and needs hard earned skills. Or you can use a tool like Tableau which can make things easier for you.

Pictures tell more than numbers

To be honest, Tableau is a visualization tool before everything. Its ultimate capacity is in translating numeric data into stories that make sense to the lay people. Suppose, you run a food joint which serves a wide variety of Asian cuisine and caters a large number of people who belong to many different ethnicities. You might want to customize your menu with certain special dishes for some ethnic occasion and you want to invest on an ad campaign promoting the same. Now, you need data to make sure that your plan does not fail. Now, imagine how helpful a colour coded bar graph would be that represents historical data on the age of people of a certain ethnicity who might be your potential visitors so that you can tweak the timings of your ad campaign. This is a simple task and yet the description of it confuses me while I am writing. Using Tableau would definitely help you deal with it with ease.

Tableau saves you the time and effort of programming your way to generally comprehensible visual representations while making the visualizations pretty, charming and useful.

 Interact with the stakeholders with your presentation itself

Tableau comes with dashboards that are interactive apart from being easily understandable. The stakeholders can put in new data to find out new insights while using the same format. It just makes things simpler and more hassle free for both the sides. This is why Tableau is used in a lot of companies which are generally data driven and this tool helps people of all capacities make sense of the data.

Use data from a wide variety of sources

Numbers from a data sheet are hardly the only source of data a business needs. The data which needs to be accounted for may come from many different sources and in many different forms. Tableau can process data from nearly fifty different sources. This is probably the strongest reason behind its popularity.

It has a good tie with R

You can import data from R which means you can perform advanced analysis on your data in the R platform and import that data onto Tableau for better visualization. This makes Tableau more than just a tool for representation; it becomes part and parcel of your data scientific efforts.

In order to use Tableau to its full potential, it is advisable, you undergo formal training. You can get Tableau online training through various sources. Choose one and enjoy the magic of this wonderful tool.