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The Perfect Buyer’s Guide to Bull Bars: Find the Optimum Front-end Protection

For substantially improved protection of your vehicle, the Bull bar is a vital segment that denotes a perfect safeguard from any vulnerable components, such as animal collision, or sudden strikes whilst offering a solid platform for mounting other notable vehicle accessories such as winches, driving lights or CB antennas. While venturing off-road or touring across Australia, a bull bar is arguably the most necessary addition to your vehicle, mostly for rural and remotes region travel. Always get the best engineered and manufactured Steel Bullbars to enhance the efficiency as well as the look of the vehicle. Just ace the functionality! If you are thinking how, then let us guide you about the types of bull bars and why it is popular as the most vehicle protection gear for the car owners of Australia. Browse below to check out the buyer’s guide that solves every puzzle for you to buy the promising bull bar for your car.

Define Bull Bar

Popular as Nudge bar, Roo bar or Bull bars- whatever you prefer to call or the subject that why it is necessary to install to your vehicle is very simple. It provides ultimate protection to the engine and the drivers as well during a collision involves animal strike, like cow or kangaroo, or with another vehicle.  You never know once you are driving outside of a major city of Australia, consider a bulbar addition to your vehicle and meet the standard design as per the guidelines set by the Australia Standards AS4876.1 and Australian Design Rule 42/04- General Safety Requirements.

What is Winch Bar and how it differs from Bull Bar?

As we already know that a Bull bar is a traditional protection measure for any vehicle and acts as a frontal protection unit against a strike from animals, trees or embankments.  Presently, with all the advanced design and engineered dynamics, the bull bar is upgraded to winch bar. Technically, a modern version winch bar is made up of steel or aluminium, and thus, try to explore the best option that compliments the contour of your car and also, alleviate the perfect safeguarding measures. Check with the manufacturers and know the right design for your vehicle and also, the preferred design as per the needs.

Materials used to engineered Bull Bars

Narrow down your search for Bull bars for the selection of bull bar’ materials, as this is imperative to find the suitable design with the right choice of material selection to serve various purposes.

Steel: The Steel Bull bar is the most popular bull bar, which is the favorite among many car users due to its strength and can withstand great impact without any damage. Hence, if you are a rural Aussie or like to venture over highways of Australia, a steel bulbar is the ultimate option to procure the best safety solution for you and your car. You can’t ignore peek-a-boo from kangaroo or cow, but driving along the highways is susceptible to many dangers, like collision from another car. Thus, get a steel bar for your car, as it is easy to maintain, just a wash is all you need to shine and also very cheap than aluminium bull bars. Note the weight of the steel bull bar as it is much heavier than the aluminium ones due to high tensile strength.

Aluminum: The constructive solution and a perfect alternative to Steel Bullbars, this is also renowned for strength and minimal weighing. Of course, if you are installing any selective bull bar design, you need to know the added weight capacity of your vehicle. Moreover, it is installed as the frontal protection measure, so evaluate the weight of the bull bar and also, research about the tensile strength with the quoted price. If you are going for aluminum Dmax Bullbar, know the design as there are polished looking bars that lost their shine after a few months.

Plastic:  A recent alternative to the other two materials of Bull bar, Plastic Bull bar is the latest contender that provides the lightest design but weakest possibilities. As we know that nothing is comparable to Steel or Aluminium bull bar. However, it has got varied design and if you are more of a city person, a plastic bull bar is as great as any other bull bar because there is less chance of kangaroo hit and minimal impact on pedestrians.

Which Bull bar to select and why?

If you need a bulbar, get it. But it is not just an easy process if you are not aware of the entire engineering and calculative overall strength, you need to research hard. Be more efficient and look for varied styles, like:

  • Bumper bar
  • Triple Hoop
  • Single hoop
  • Baja bar
  • Nudge bar
  • Competition bar

Always look for the ADR compliant bull bar as these bull bars are engineered to handle any impact and also, prevent any endangerment to pedestrians. Find the suitable steel bull bar and modify anything like the other accessories like an electric winch, lights, antennas and other notable features.