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What is So Exciting About LED Lighting Fixtures for Stage?

Stage Lighting HIre
Stage Lighting HIre

In recent years, LED lighting market has made great progress in the lighting industry on the stage. All lighting manufacturers in the main stage sneak into the LED market, and cheap imported lighting means that every church, small band or DJ can also do some work.

Now, leasing companies are expected to store a variety of LED modules based on conventional tungsten products, and technology is developing rapidly. If you want to make your event more amazing and best, you should select the Stage Lighting rental services from the best event management company in your area.

What are the Exciting Things About Lighting?

LED technology is now a vital source of direct performance and recording media. LED equipment has some advantages over “old” tungsten-based lighting and is particularly appealing to the event and concert markets today. Manufacturers specializing in cinemas and televisions are also developing more sophisticated LED Lighting to meet the needs of these markets.

So, what’s the need for LED lighting? Let’s look.

  • Low Power Consumption:

Because LEDs consume relatively little power, more Lighting can be used when power is low. This is great for small band lighting and disco / partying. Keep in mind that we are still using large PAR storage platforms 20 years ago, and there are also low power requirements for large exhibitions.

  • Low Heat:

Although the LED stage lighting generates heat, the resulting light from the luminance module will not become too hot like a tungsten or discharge lamp. In some environments, the low thermal properties of LED stage lighting are ideal. Stage Lighting Hire services are the best option for you if you want to arrange your event in a very astonishing way.

  • Lightweight and Portable:

Devices packaged in LED modules do not have to be too heavy, even if many power units and other components are available, the LEDs are quite lightweight. To make them more mobile, LEDs can be easily operated by batteries, and many products offer battery power and DMX wireless control over Wi-Fi. This creates a lighting product that you can quickly set up and control without the wire jamming and minimal hassle.

  • Colour Effects:

The common use of LED Lighting for stage lighting is to combine Lighting of different colours. The LEDs are blended with all three primary light bulbs and RGB, LEDs in different combinations, allowing lighting designers to easily access multiple colour options in a single device. More complex LED colour combinations to use other sources such as RGBA (amber) and RGBW (white). The colour function of all these Lighting eliminates the effect of using a gel filter to reduce colour.

  • Compact:

LED lighting fixtures can be installed in small compact packages for applications where size and appearance are important, such as compartments and small events. When you choose the Stage Lighting Hire services from the reputable company then they will guide you what type of lighting suits your stage according to your event theme.

  • High Brightness:

Low power from the other end, the brightness ratio to power consumption. Often referred to as Lumens Per Watt, high-power LEDs are extremely bright given the amount of electricity you use. Mixing the “additive” colours above means that the resulting light is not filtered.

  • Longevity:

LED lighting manufacturers often quote hours compared to LED lighting sources and other sources such as tungsten halogen Lighting. We are talking about tens of thousands of hours of Lighting compared to traditional Lighting.

  • Built-in Dimmer

Most LED units provide opacity within the device, eliminating the need for a separate dimmer. In addition, many of the controls on the panel let you adjust the device to colour, darken the lighting unit, or even show or rotate different faces, without the need for a separate console or a large blackout. You can choose AV Productions to get more information regarding the stage lighting.