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Top 5 Destinations to Choose for Solo Travel Packages in India for Woman

India is one of the most beautiful countries to explore with smiley faces. Regardless of the way that India gives you an exceptional and lovely memory, it is as yet not prescribed as a safe spot for solo female travelers to travel alone where the entire of India is a page in your paper’s wrongdoing area. Concede to the way that there are some extremely hazardous spots where traveling alone as a solo woman traveler can be unsafe, yet this nation has something other than negative bits of gossip. As per the most recent information from the service of the travel industry, the information uncovers that the quantity of solo woman travelers in India is on the ascent. Yet at the same time, it must be difficult to pick a spot to visit as a female independent traveler in India. So, keeping this thing in mind we have put together a list of some best female travel destinations to choose for Solo Travel Packages in India.

1. Shimla

Shimla, one of the best destinations to choose for solo travel packages in India

Hill stations are always the best places for solo female travelers because of their little size and firmly found open spaces, lodgings, markets, and eateries. In such a manner, Shimla is also one of the best destinations to choose for solo travel packages in India because of its astonishing beautiful appeal and fascinating climate appropriate for heaps of fun, all consistently. Shimla has remained a prime vacationer hotspot for quite a while now. The lavish green hills that transform into white in winters, the beguiling frontier design, friendly and smiley faces are an excess of an allurement as the spot is loaded with superb roadside cafés and restaurants just as great convenience choice over a wide scope of pockets.

2. Goa

Goa, another best destination for solo women travel in india

A definitive shoreline place in India, Goa is another beautiful destination for solo women travelers to choose for their solo travel packages in Indi. It is nothing unexpected that it pulls in very nearly 2 million visitors to its tremendous sandy shorelines consistently. In spite of the fact that the way of life and air in Goa is a ton impartial and consistently, an enormous number of solo female travelers or women in groups, it barely needs any stressing that despite everything they have to be careful and maintain a strategic distance from undesirable consideration. Goa can be one of the most mind-blowing spots to have some good times, adventurous experiences and preoccupation.

3. Munnar

Munnar, India

Adding another magnificent quill to the crown of the pleasant and outlandish province of Kerala, Munnar resembles a wonderland for visitors who look for peacefulness and tranquility on their tours. Surrounded by enormous tea estates every which way where eyes could go, the appeal of Munnar is with the end goal that it causes you to overlook the commotion and bedlam of urban life. Adding further to its effortlessness is the way that it is one of the most secure spots for solo female voyagers in India with warm and welcoming people. The wonderful slope town has a lot of alternatives for activities over any range of affordability.

4. Kasol

Kasol, one of the best places for solo female travelers in India

Situated in the fascinating Parvati Valley with exquisite Parvati River streaming close-by, Kasol is an unfathomable little village of lavish greenery and stunning sights. Despite the fact that the spot shockingly loaded with bars, shoddy guesthouses, and eateries while it is progressively competing Goa as the setting of shaking summer parties.

Kasol is located 42 kilometers east of Kullu and is roosted at a statue of 1640 meters above ocean level. It is one of the most famous destinations for voyagers because of its pleasant landscapes and phenomenal atmosphere consistently. Kasol has as of late turned into a hotspot of Israeli voyagers in India and now has a critical populace from the nation. It is additionally a protected spot for solo female travelers and local people are particularly used to accepting them and furthermore regard them.

5. Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, best destination for solo women travelers in India

Known as a lesser-known tourist destination, Ziro valley is an inconceivable spot situated in the slopes of Andhra Pradesh. The valley is quick developing to be one of the most delightful places for solo travel packages in India. The rich green vales, confusing rivulets, crude and natural living spaces and far-reaching rice fields make it out and out a wonderland. One of the best features of visiting the Ziro Valley is the chance to comprehend the way of life and ways of life of neighborhood individuals, who love to beautify themselves with a particular get up of tattoos and trimmings like nose plugs. Because of its shocking scenes, the valley has been enrolled in the conditional list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

So, this is our list of 5 best destinations to choose for solo travel packages in India that provide the safest and most entertaining experience of traveling to solo female travelers. So if you are also planning a solo trip in India as a woman then head to these beautiful destinations and create memories with yourself.