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4 Primary Reasons to Own a Seedbox!

9.15 am – 57% complete, 10.15 am- 68 % complete and so on! Have you ever tried downloading your favorite sitcom from Torrent only to find it taking um, forever?

Well if you have you aren’t alone! It can become so frustrating when your download speed is as low as 500 kbps. You might have to go to your neighbors to download a movie and that can create inconveniences. But your neighbor has excellent torrent speed.

How is that possible? Well, chances are he/she is using seedboxes!

Seedbox? What is that?

Well, in layman’s terms a seedbox is a private server, which uses Torrent applications or P2P to download files on Seedbox rather than a PC. Once done, using a secure process people can download these files from the seedbox to their PC.

Now, imagine owning this amazing machine all to yourself. You can upload and download files at whim! Make your channel and reap the perks of fast internet. Apart from this, check out 4 other reasons to invest in a seedbox!

Read on,

  1. No Need to Stay Online

When you travel a lot to work or elsewhere and try to download files on the way, it can be harrowing. Poor connectivity, use of extensive data and more create annoying inconveniences, right? However, all these can be tackled effectively if you possess a seedbox.

 Via your seedbox, you can download files effectively and keep these running. Later, when you come home you can copy downloaded files without being online.

  1. Prevent Peer-to-Peer Traffic Inconvenience

Often professional places like educational institutions, offices and more prohibit the use of peer-to-peer download. Now, this is either because your ISP might block it or other reasons. Yet, this might prevent you from enjoying a good movie or two when you go back home.

After all, downloading a movie, and then watching it can be a hurdle. This is why using your seedbox you can get the files downloaded to a P2P. Once you reach home, use the web-browser management of seedbox to download files to your PC quickly.

  1. Video File Streaming!

By now you know that a seedbox can congregate media files. However, many seedbox companies offer KODI or Plex that are pre-installed. These allow you to sectionalize your selected content and watch them whenever, and wherever directly from your seedbox profile via live streaming.

  1. Secrecy and Privacy

The internet is widely public, just a tweak here and there and the people can have access to your private data. Nevertheless, your download and web surfing does not always have to be visible to strangers. If you use a seedbox you can effectively control your download history as only you’ll have the access to an account.

Further, in case you wish to protect your browsing history, most seedbox companies offer encrypted web surfing options that protect your security.

On that note, now that you know of the 4 primary reasons to invest in seedboxes, find yourself a reputed service provider. To do this, go online and use local keywords to find companies near you with excellent seedbox plans. Good luck!