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The Reasons You Need A Water Softener for Your RV

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Recreational vehicles make it possible to travel where you want when you want so that you can experience the beauty of the United States and beyond. Yet, as most experienced travelers know, just like every state, city, or town has a different character, so too, does its water.

Desert climates are so dry that they have to get water pumped in, which means that the water in these locations can seem sort of stale, while some mountain towns have perfectly pure water that’s just ideal for cooking and bathing. Yet some of the most common water issues that you’ll find nearly everywhere you go is hard water.

What exactly is hard water?

Well, quite simply, it is water that contains very high levels of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Most cities have hard water as a result of their soil composition. Hard water can be very frustrating. Typically, a shower taken in hard water can cause your skin to feel itchy and your hair to become dull and dry. Washing dishes can be even more of a chore than usual when it’s done in hard water.

That’s because high mineral content causes build-up, which makes it very difficult to get dishes thoroughly clean. This type of water just seems to react with soap in such a way that it doesn’t rinse completely clear. Yes, that’s correct, if you hate soap scum, then you should know that hard water is usually the reason for those coated and streaked dishes. Hard water can even cause rust build up in your RV pipes and it can create white scale deposits around RV faucets and shower heads. Hard water just isn’t good, but there are ways to prevent it.

So when your travels take you to locations with hard water, you can tell from your cracked skin, tangled hair, and spotty dishes. Of course, this isn’t what you want to be worrying about. Instead, you want to spend your time making the most of every place you visit, not feeling uncomfortable. A Water Softener For RV is the solution. These tools can control that water hardness, which means a much more pleasant shower and better-looking hair and skin (and clean, bright dishes, too).

Water softeners are easy to use and provide many benefits to users. When using a water softener for your RV, you just connect your water softener hose to the city water supply at the RV park, then attach your RV water hose to the water softener and then to your RV’s water outlet.

Most RV water softeners come with hardness strips so you can occasionally test your water. There’s a bit of maintenance involved with these softeners, but this only needs to be done a couple of times a year. This is simple to do, too, and if it means having soft water every time you shower or do the dishes, it’s worth it.

Now that you know you’ve got to have a water softener for RV, you’re probably wondering where to find them. Well, when you are after the best selection of and best prices for water softeners and other RV supplies, such as carriers and hitches, jacks and levelers, appliances, electrical supplies, and so much more, then you have to visit RVupgradestore.com.

We have everything you need and can’t wait to help you select the perfect water softener for your recreational vehicle, so come check out our selection today. For more information about Camper Parts and Rv Accessories Please visit : Rvupgradestore.

Pick Up A Husky Jack at RVupgrades Before Your Next Adventure


The jack is one of the most often overlooked pieces of equipment for RV owners and for RV trips. While no one ever overlooks the significance of a jack when figuring precisely on towing operations, towing often comes as an afterthought for an RV trip. The trip is central and equipment should just fall in line as part of the preparations. However, any time you’re set to tow anything, from a camper to a boat, you’ll need to be well prepared with a quality jack to make hitching, towing and sometimes even setting camp possible. Without a quality jack, hitching and unhitching can range from back-breakingly difficult to impossible. For rock-solid dependability and performance that will be hard to replicate or replace, put your RV and camping equipment in the service of a husky jack from RVupgrades.

Trusting your towing and camping operations to a Husky jack will set you up for success not only for your trip but for your stay. Jacks need to operate smoothly and be able to reliably leverage a massive amount of force, and Husky jacks set the standard for performance. For ease of use and electric operation, choose a Husky Towing Super Brute 4,000 Pound Power Tongue Jack. This 4,000 pound Husky jack features a ball screw for improved leverage and power while minimizing wear and extending life. With weather proofed elements and 60 second travel time, this jack is not only powerful and dependable but fast. It also carries a generous reputation from other RV owners that have owned and used it. It is a solid pick for an electrically automated jack with awesome capacity that will get you hitched and unhitched in no time.

RVupgrades also offers many other excellent Husky jacks for your trips afield to help with hitching and unhitching and setting up camp, like Husky’s Single Stabilizing Scissor Jack with a 5,000-pound capacity. A manual screw crank is a timelessly reliable piece of engineering and will serve you faithfully for many years with proper maintenance. With rust resistance to get an even longer life from the jack and a 26 square inch foot for stability, this jack is a solid option for helping to set up camp. Husky’s Super Tongue Jack Foot is a solid jack tube extension which will save you time when hitching and unhitching by increasing the distance of the jack tube and thus to the ground. In fact, it will save you not only time but labor if your jack is manually operated. You could go with any of Husky’s top or side wind tongue jacks for unrivaled dependability and sheer power, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds of force. Husky even has wheeled tongue jacks to help you maneuver your rig in or out of position with the utmost of ease.

When you get your next Husky jack from RVupgrades, you’ll also have easy access to the amenities like trailer stabilizer jacks, a plethora of couplers for towing, replacement hardware and more. RVupgrades even has the oft-forgotten essentials like jack pads and feet that can prove absolutely mission-critical in the field. With the necessary towing appurtenances offered by RVupgrades, you’ll never have to experience an upset in the field again and can spend more time getting out there and seeing the sights you set out to see in the first place. That’s not even to mention the fact that besides towing necessities, RVupgrades has quite possibly anything and everything you could need to wring the last drops of enjoyment from your journeys afield, from water management to waste disposal. Make a visit to RVupgradestore.com before your next voyage to set the rig up for your best trip yet.

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