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55 Plus Communities And Its Categories

55 plus community

Senior-focused amenities, security, and a sense of community are the main features followed by 55 plus community. Security ranges from food facilities to emergency alarm response features within the senior homes. 

The facilities for golden agers are based on the age, abilities, and interests of seniors who are 55 and 55 plus. A sense of community permits elders to have made connections with other residents who are in the same stage of life, that being retirement.

There are 4 main types of senior retirement communities Florida that fit this description. These include:

  • Assisted living retirement communities
  • Independent living retirement communities
  • Age-restricted retirement communities
  • Lifestyle retirement communities

Carry on your reading to get to know more about each of these 4 categories of retirement communities for golden agers.

  • Assisted Living Retirement Communities

There is the finest level of upkeep provided in these kinds of living retirement communities. Assisted living retirement communities arrangement permits golden ager to live in their private apartments, i.e., homes, condos, or single family dwellings. 

However, golden agers also get help for necessary needs, for example, help with getting fitness tips, taking medication, getting dressed, and transportation. According to the survey, there are multiple areas where you find 55 plus homes for sale in Florida, as these assisted living retirement communities may also specialize in dementia care or arrange for tailored care for diseases.

These diseases consist of depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Bear in mind that an assisted living facility does not arrange for most health care services directly. On the other hand, these facilities will work in management with health care providers, such as hospice nurses, dentists, podiatrists, counselors, and physical therapists. This permits residents to benefit from specialized care while living in assisted living, rather than having to move to a nursing home or inpatient setting.

  • Independent Living Retirement Communities

This kind of retirement community Florida for dedicated to active, healthy seniors who are able to live on their own. You can stay in a townhouse, home, condo, and even a motor home or mobile home. You can live or own or rent as part of a cooperative. Think of it like living in your old neighborhood except these communities have age restrictions usually over 55 and most offer amenities like yard maintenance, clubhouses, gyms, housekeeping, and security. They also typically offer transportation, laundry service, group meals, and social and cultural activities.

  • Age-Restricted Retirement Communities

These kinds of retirement communities are often marketed as 55 plus, 60 plus, etc. There is a distinction within these retirement communities. A number of communities marketed as “age-qualified” require as a minimum one person who is 55 in at least 80% of the occupied units. These properties are regulated by the retirement communities in Florida. Moreover, those under 19 cannot be permanent residents.

The communities that are marketed to a certain age group but don’t have the same age restriction are called “age-targeted”. These retirement community’s emphasis on their senior demographic with facilities and conveniences, but anyone can live there regardless of age.


In the end, we come to the point that it’s all about your lifestyle you adopt and follow in your life. Because, the demand for retirement communities is greater than ever, with 76 million Baby Boomers beginning to retire. Your 55 plus community options based on your lifestyle are also greater than ever. So, these are some basic kinds of retirement communities, that usually seems to have the same kind of services but still, they have many different services provided by them.