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Outstanding Benefits of Hiring PCO Cars

Pco Hire

Private carriage officer (PCO) is a license that is required by all transport supply companies. Whether you are a freelance driver that has opened a solo car rental company, you own a car rental company and want to add to your fleet, or you are a courier service, you need to have your vehicles PCO licensed to drive legally on the road.

The set of requirements by the PCO Hire is that the vehicle for which you want to get a license must be below 10 years of age and it must meet very strict emission standards. This is why, most of the PCO drivers are choosing hybrid vehicles to keep the costs down, meet PCO requirements to lower their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Hiring PCO Car:

There are many benefits to hiring a car rather than purchasing a vehicle. The first benefit is that you enjoy a younger vehicle. By reducing maintenance, your money is saved that you can use for other purposes. A newer younger vehicle takes less of the time in transporting passengers compared to the older vehicle that struggles more and so takes over time that may costs you considerably. For PCO registration, you are not allowed to register your vehicle for older than ten years. This gives you the chance to enjoy a young model that you know you can rely on and trust.

No Maintenance Costs:

When you think about the car rental for your any type of trip, you become worried that all the maintenance cost will be on yours. But when you hire from the PCO, it will be very helpful for you because there’s no maintenance cost. While you hire a car, even if you consider a car hire for PCO drivers, an amazing thing about PCO Hire that needs no maintenance. Many companies not giving this opportunity. The rental, each month you pay to your car hire company usually includes servicing and repair. This shows that you get a well-maintained vehicle that let you rely on at an affordable price. In fact, saving yourself on maintenance costs increases your profit margins considerably.

No MOT or Licensing Costs:

Most of the car rental companies don’t require MOT or licensing costs that you need to concern yourself about. Some people can’t afford the cost of licensing, so, you should go towards the PCO Car hire services that will handle all the cost of the licensing. The rental specialist company does all this for you that you have a legal vehicle to drive on the road with complete confidence.

Team of Professional Mechanics:

Usually, car rental companies offering vehicles for PCO drivers have their own team of mechanics who provides the fastest repair and service times. You are usually issued with a temporary vehicle at the time when your vehicle is being repaired. Since you don’t have to put your vehicle on hold, so you can earn money even your vehicle is at the centre for repairing. This thing doesn’t let your customers down making you sure that your business always remains working.