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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Some things that no one is talking you about

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Google and Facebook are two giants when it comes to digital advertising, both have a pay-per-click advertising format. As they both are the two big players in the digital advertising industry, the way ads are targeted makes a lot of difference while opting for any one of them or both. 

They both target the audience differently, google ads will be targeted by using specific keywords as per the top results in Google searches. While on the other hand Facebook Ads are targeted by using demographic and behavioral information. Both are crucial if one needs to build brand awareness to drive their product or service sales.

Not all the money that is spent on advertising on Facebook and Google is profitable, without the proper knowledge of PPC one can waste money in running poor quality as a campaign resulting in a bad investment. This the main reason to hire the best Digital Marketing Agency that can help you in successfully running a campaign.

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

facebook Ads vs Google Ads

How Facebook ads work

Facebook ads do offer businesses the power to run PPC ads that are created by robust Facebook Ad Manager Platform, and then targeted to the audience using user demographics, interests, behavior, and Facebook engagement patterns. 

So, for Facebook marketing one need to estimate an ad budget, behavior, ad placement and as run time all these factors are very crucial. What set Facebook Ads apart from Google is the customer conversion rate process as the people on Facebook are not there to buy any stuff. So the effectiveness of the Facebook ads depends on the comprehensive targeting option-—including factors like age, gender, income, and interests—that align closely with ad content.

Also Creating the Facebook ads is very easy than Google, you just need to click on the “create” tab in the account dashboard, choose ad format, select audience. 

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads appear at the top of the search result pages just like any organic search result. For this one require to research the keywords that are used by the user to search them on Google. To create an ad on Google one needs to sign up for Google Ads account, and then you need to only provide add text-only ad copy and keyword targeting information.

Google Ads are largely triggered by the keywords and search terms as the users are actively searching on Google for stuff or information, hence one can go Google AdWords which are relevant keywords to your business that are auctioned by google.

When to Use: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

When to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is best if you are looking to create the products or brand awareness to the new users, as Facebook is the platform that provides extensive reach with better audience targeting.

When to Use Google Ads

Google ads are best for businesses with have more conscious and active customers and are familiar with your product and service as people on google are clear on what they need and google targets them in their buying phase.

Pricing & Features: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook ads:


  • The user-friendly ad design interface
  • Comprehensive targeting options
  • A large number of ad types 
  • Several placement options.

Cost- Average CPC (Cost-Per-Click) for Facebook Ad cost about $1.72.

Google Ads


  • Ability to create their adsOrganic search results based on keyword searches
  • Basic audience targeting options.


Google Ads’ average CPC is $2.69. This varies greatly as CPCs can be as low as pennies and as high as $30.

Bottom Line: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Both are the pay-per-click advertising platforms it might be difficult to choose where you need to put your money and attention. Each offers different possibilities and leverage to your business, so depending on your current needs you can choose your business.

If your need is to create brand awareness Facebook offers a lot more than Google, to avoid all this hustle you can also hire a good Digital Marketing Agency offering PPC management and guiding you with advertisement placement.