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Reasons why aren’t able to see results in terms of muscle building

muscle building

Have you been dedicatedly hitting the gym every week and working out hard still not able to see the desired results when it comes to the muscle building process? Is not able to gain muscle is making you feel disheartened?

Well, if yes then after reading this post you will definitely feel pumped up and should again kick-start your muscle training process. Most significantly, there are multiple factors that basically contribute to the muscle building process.

Here are some pointers as recommended by a qualified personal trainer with fitness courses certification that will help you understand what all the reasons that could be holding you from accomplishing your goals:

You aren’t giving your muscles ample time to recover

Do you know what happens to your body when you do strength training? When you lift the weight, you actually tear your muscle fibre that needs to recover to gain size. By recovery here, we mean to say is:

  • Intake of proper nutrition: After working out hard in the gym, avoid eating crap as you won’t feel good at the end of the day. Stick to a clean and healthy diet to fuel your muscles.
  • Increasing your mobility level: Try to improve your joint’s level of motion as it will help you improve and prevent unwanted injuries during the working out session.
  • Sleeping for at least 8 to 9 hours: Lack of sleep will only increase your cortisol hormone which further will increase your fat ratio in the body and hinder the muscle gain process. So, do get to bed to get enough rest after a workout.

You are focussed on lifting weight but not on building strength

There are many people who feel and think that lifting heavier weights will help them accomplish their goals of muscle building very fast. Sadly, this isn’t the reality. When you grab a heavier weight than what you can actually lift, you tend to fail to complete your sets but also do the same in wrong posture which in turn can result in injury or sprain. So, better would be to gradually increase your weights.

This is the reason why we always recommend people to seek the assistance of a qualified personal instructor with fitness courses certification so as to understand the range of motion and how much they should lift that would help them in gaining muscle mass. You should be focussing on the weight you are lifting rather on the number of repetitions you are able to do correctly.

You are focussing more on isolation exercises than compound ones

Another common mistake that many people do is that they try to target isolated muscle groups instead of performing compound exercises which are relatively more effective.

Compound lifts are basically exercises that are designed to target different muscle groups in one go. Some of the best compound exercises that you must focus on doing every time you work out are squats, lunges, deadlifts, and push-ups, says a qualified personal trainer with fitness courses certification.