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How To Select The Best Mattress For New Born?

new born baby

You might have been the king and queen of sleep, after the birth of your tiny tot, we know it just isn’t the same. You now are found taking naps in office, on the sofa, while watching TV. Basically, you could easily be spotted sleeping anytime, anywhere but bed. Why? Because c’mon, this is one of the primary pitfalls of having a kid!

All night long you struggle to make the child sleep and as soon as you doze off a little, the tod devil is up again weeping and yelling. There are multiple reasons as to why the new born cannot sleep comfortably for the initial years. While temperature, hunger and other factors can be causing this, making your child sleep on an uncomfortable mattress can be the biggest factor for this or, to say the least, it can be the biggest contributor.

In this blog, we help you get over the issue of the mattress. Read on, as we unravel here how you can do mattress online shopping for your toddler perfectly!

Put the firm filter on

The mattress you plan to buy for your toddler should be a little more firm than usual. This will help the infant stay balanced and not fall. However, it should also be cushiony enough to make the child feel cozy and comfortable to go off to sleep easily. Mattress with a score of 7 on firm o meter scale should do fine.

Make sure it is waterproof

The mattresses should have a washable zipper cover and it should also be waterproof, the reason for this is quite obvious. But, while you do mattress online shopping, keep in mind the cover quality. The cover cloth should be soft enough to not leave the baby body with rashes. So, select the cover that are removable and made of soft terry cotton. This fabric is quite breathable and just right for your child.

Go for Organic Foam

The skin of every infant is very very fragile and delicate. Their skin just cannot take even a bit of harshness. So, make sure you buy a mattress that is made of organic foam so that no chemicals are in contact with your kid.

Anti-skid is a go-ahead

In order to keep the little one safe, you should choose a skid-free mattress. This mattress will make the grip of the child firmer on the bed. This will add to his confidence when he will be moving and also keep you worry-free to some extent.

Mattress size matters

To make sure you are getting the right size, you must check the edges. The space around the edges should be minimal. If you have a cot already, check the fit, it should hug the mattress from all around.

Now you know…

The tips told above will help in your mattress online shopping. Better sleep is promised to not just your kid but you as well. So, keep the above points in mind and happy sleeping!