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What is the Difference Between LED Screen and Video Walls?

Led Video Wall Hire
Led Video Wall Hire

The main event is the manifestation of a lot of people in very large spaces, which can be internal or external. This element should consider the ability to provide the same possibilities for everyone. When the event requires the audience to participate through the media and celebrity videos, a solution must be found to ensure that anyone in any region of the region can see what the organization wants. a program. You should select the LED Video Wall Hire services. To meet this need, there are different solutions, each with some characteristics that make it appropriate depending on the situation. In this sense, LEDs and video walls are the most popular solutions, because each solution responds in a way that meets these needs in its own way.

LEDs and Video Walls:

We tend to think of these terms as synonyms for another term, but this is not the case, because we are dealing with different producers who complement each other but we are certainly not synonymous if we want to. Let us first make clear that the video wall is not the newest solution in its concept because the system is spreading in major events for many years, but it also spreads the transmission of watching in television studios and all those who need a lot of people and the right reality. Content. On the other hand, LEDs are a modern development of vision systems, where LED technology is one of the latest technologies to be introduced to the market in the field of video technology.

Combination of Panel:

So, what is the difference? The main difference is that the video wall is a combination of panels that work together to create a real screen wall that conveys images. Thus, the screens that make up the video wall do not currently have LCD screens. LED walls are also made of panels, but with different technical features, mainly aluminum cast aluminum frames, ideal for suspension or stacking on the ground, or to ensure greater flexibility in terms of feasibility and higher. Strong, powerful LED walls are brighter, at least double the size of video walls.

Use LED Screens in Major Events:

Therefore, how to determine the format of the LEDs screen connected to each other to achieve a large surface. Obviously, these items can also be used separately for image transfer and as an inside view event. LED Video Wall Hire services are the best option for this. They can be viewed as screens connected to a computer or storage device, showing videos, episodes, meetings or live events, and do not necessarily have a rectangular or square shape, which can also be fitted in different shapes thanks to self-supporting aluminum alloys. Die casting structure.

Use Video Walls in Large Events:

The video wall is the basic tool for large events: it is the basis for most scenarios because it ensures a high level of customization. In the past, video walls have provided an enormous limit to the frames of individual elements, which have taken an alarming element in the correct perception of the entire picture. With the development of technology and the introduction of more and more advanced systems including LED screens, this limitation has been reduced. The framework of the various elements today is so monotonous that it is almost impossible to detect their existence even in the near term.

You can take help by search on LED Screen hire London and get more information about what type of screen is best for your event. During playback, the video wall is essential, allowing your visitors to watch and close videos with high resolution and very large images. Thanks to the use of the LCD panel, it also improves the quality and accuracy of the image, making the picture clearer.