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These Ten kitchen tips & tricks Help You


Kitchen tips are very important for us because they help us to save our time. In the new generation people like me, we spend a lot of time for planning Meal and preparing food, making all of those popular and helpful kitchen tips & tricks that save our time worth knowing!.but for any reason no one bothered to tell us how to do it. Now we discuss top kitchen tips, That helps us.


Overcooking is probably our biggest kitchen mistake.


We can simply say that overcooked food is bad food. Overcooked vegetable are mushy and flavorless. In other words, we can say that overcooked grains fall apart and soggy. You can always cook it more and more, but you can never it less.


Fruit shouldn’t be stored in the fridge.


A refrigerator is really useful for us. It helps us to save food. But refrigerators Dull the taste is most produces, so when we bought something that doesn’t need to go in there leave it out. Generally, most common fruits like apples, oranges, pears, and bananas don’t belong in the fridge unless you’re not planning on eating them soon. I don’t refrigerate like tomatoes, papers either.


Make your honey like new.


The crystallization of honey is natural and not harmful to us. We can renew it for this method first little honey bear by placing it pot of hot water to warm it Up. honey  will stay safe for a long time


Make crystal clear ice.


We explain how to make crystal clear ice without any special equipment.

It is a very simple first we used to filter water because filtered water is much cleaner and purer and after that, the main step is boiling the water.

You can simply first boil the filtered water and then let it cool and after

It is cool to boil the water again because two times boiling water eliminates 

Dissolved air into the water and decomposes mineral in the water. it is a very simple method to make crystal clear ice.


Save your cake and eat it, too.


If we have ever taken the leftover cake at home and went to eat the latter, it is not the same because the force of air on the cake and its size & shape will change, in other words, the edges of the cake are always stale and crumbly 

After sitting out. Next time, place a few pieces of bread on the outer corner edges to keep it soft and moist and you can enjoy eating again


Don’t buy regular big onions, use shallots or leeks.


For everyday cooking, milder and smaller onions will enhance our dish and

Give it more nuance. big, strong onions certainly have their place to cooking, but generally, most common kitchen experiments will be improved by more subtle onion flavor.


Opening jars with ease.


There’s always that jar that pisses you off! When we need a little bit of assistance, just put it on a rubber kitchen glove, or place the thick robber a and around the lid. The rubber gives us the right amount of grip to get the job done without tearing a muscle


Wooden spoon trick.


Generally, wooden spoons over boiling water to keep it from boiling over. There is a lot of science behind this. The spoon pops a lot of the bubbles once they come into contact with it. And it also absorbs some of the moisture.

Apparently, metals spoons don’t work because they heat up to fast.

Peel ginger with a spoon.

It is the best method and it works great That skin isn’t as tough as it looks; The edge of the spoon takes it off with very little effort (even in all of the little crevices and bumps). You can Leave your knife into the drawer and use a spoon.  

How to cut a bell paper fast.

You wouldn’t think you’d need instructions on how to cut bell pepper, but apparently, we do. we just kind of randomly cut chunks off of the pepper, but this method is so much easier and leaves the core in one piece to be easily removed.

And all ten methods are really useful for us to Click Here to more Info