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What Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Horse Arena Construction?

horse arena construction

Do you wish to have all-weather horse arena, well obviously it’s a luxury but, its construction must be done by a professional to get the best output. Irrespective of the size of horse arena construction you are looking at, the raw ingredients remain the same like architecture, location, materials, maintenance and most importantly a budget. For horse lovers, having their exclusive arena can be a place of dream, but many end up committing certain mistakes that affect the final outcome of construction.

Don’t want to be amongst those who got trapped by the common horse arena construction mistakes? Worry no more, as this article highlights four mistakes that people might commit, along with the steps that can be followed so as to avoid them.

3 Horse Arena Construction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:

As mentioned earlier, there are four mistakes that most of the people commit when they are planning for horse arena construction and these are:

1. Going with the wrong location – Where do you want to construct the arena? Here, many get confused with aesthetics and end up choosing areas that become to be a costly mistake. The trick for right horse arena construction is that you should never go for slopes, the base of hills or a path of runoff water. Here, you must capitalize on natural surroundings and pick an ideal spot that is either at the top or stands above the natural grade. With these two options, you can be assured that the rainwater would easily drain off, and most importantly such areas feature a good blend of shade and sun.

2. Not paying attention to the drainage system – Special care and attention is a must when planning the drainage system of the horse arena. Improper drainage may result in the formation of pools of water which impact the quality of ride, aside from this, it can negatively impact the surface and sub-layers.

One of the ways to overcome this problem is by creating a gentle wall such that all the water can be drained down easily leaving no scope water pooling.

The true benefits of horse arena construction can only be cherished when unwanted water drains off, leaving the area clean and best for a ride. For this, there are a few vital things that you need to look after:

  • The drain runs need to have a consistent fall across the arena.
  • At least one drain must be installed near the riding area and at the perimeter of all sides
  • For ground having heavy clay, additional drains must be installed, plus the diameter of the drain should be increased
  • Make sure that unwashed sand does not get pushed out of the surface into the drains, as this can trigger a blockage.

3. Using the wrong quality and quantity of materials 

When working on the horse arena construction, both the quality and the quantity of the materials are of utmost importance. In most of the cases, people end up choosing the wrong materials that affect the overall project and does not lead to an arena that you expected to achieve. So as to avoid such a scenario, focus on the materials that you want to use for construction. Consider only premium-grade stones suitable for the project and while doing this there are a few tips that you can follow:

  • The stone that you select for construction must be washed so that fine soil or sand does not drain into the drainage system.
  • Frost resistant stones are a must-have (won’t break during extreme winter) and also they won’t be affected by heavy-duty machinery.
  • Go for angular stones and knit them to form one strong base. Presence of round stones in the base will keep the area perfectly compacted.

horse arena construction pearcedale

Here is Something That You Should Be Looking At:

Irrespective of the size of the arena, you need to focus on the quality of the material. Don’t skimp on it. To begin with, you need to excavate to a good clay base and apply a 100mm layer of AP65. This is a mix of gravel and sand which doesn’t give stones more than 65 mm in size. Once you have applied this layer, you need to add the same amount of lime to it, following it you need to add a thin layer of crusher dust, and finally, the top layer is laid.

1. Opting for weak fence posts – One of the key factors that you must never ignore is fencing. It should be made up good material to ensure longevity and sustainability. However, for the best results, you must concrete the posts as these demand support to retain the boards and also to withstand the maintenance work carried out by machinery. If not installed properly, the fence would become prone to frequent repairs, ultimately affecting the horse arena.

2. Adding insulation – It’s important that you must add metal roofing to ensure insulation which can keep the horses comfortable. proper insulation prevents the covered area from freezing in the winters.

3. Choosing the right builder – The successful horse arena construction depends on the builder. You need to choose them correctly to ensure that the construction takes place as per schedule without compromising on the quality.

Always plan ahead for horse arena construction Pearcedale, keep the aforementioned mistakes in your mind and you will be able to transform your dream of a picture-perfect arena into reality.