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Top 7 Herbs Used in Herbal Cosmetics

Herbal Cosmetics Products

Natural skincare products are the latest trend-setters in the beauty industry. Their wide spectrum of consumers’ hail from different backgrounds and economic statures, yet find them equally affordable and effective. Needless to say, the public acceptance of natural cosmetics is a result of their promise of healthy skin and a healthier body. As is evident, their popularity emanates out of the consciousness of people towards the harmful effects of chemical living.

A number of researches and public surveys have also gone on to reveal that regular uses of cosmetics with artificially synthesized compounds are linked to various types of physiological diseases. While contrarily, products of cosmetic manufacturers in India have been proven to produce beneficial effects on the body over long periods of use. Such differences in character between chemical and herbal cosmetics can also be observed at the fundamental level. So here is a list of the top 7 herbs that make herbal beauty products increasingly healthy for the body:

Aloe Vera

The regenerative powers of aloe vera need no extrapolation. It has been a favorite amongst many sectors of the beauty industry including sunscreen producers, anti-aging companies, and skin tone regulating creams. Its continuous use can treat rashes, sunburn, acne, and other skin problems.


From ancient India to modern Europe, the aesthetic and nourishing value of roses is upheld with much respect. The blooming flowers of this plant can be used to extract natural oils rich in Vitamin C that can cleanse skin pores, rehydrate skin cells, control extra oil, and remove wrinkles in the long run.


Usually, the rhizome of this plant is used by cosmetic manufacturers of India in their skin care products. In its powdered form, the rhizome is a rich source of antiparasitic, antiseptic, antioxidant, and antibacterial agents. Hence, including it in facial cosmetics helps cure acne, sunburns, ulcers, skin eruptions, and premature aging.


As a purple colored flower, lavender attracts considerable attention from beholders. But as a skincare ingredient, its value is even more priced. The flowers’ essential oils can be used in a variety of formats like perfumes, bathing products, cosmetics, etc. Its antiseptic properties coupled with their moisturizing capabilities make it an ideal remedy for skin dryness, uneven skin tone, and poor texture.


The natural oil of this multi-utility plant is very beneficial for the skin as well as hair. Hence, it is commonly used by cosmetic manufacturers in India as a dissolving fluid for many cosmetics (e.g. body lotions, facial night creams, etc.) and hair supplements (e.g. hair gel, mousse, tonic, etc.). It plays the role of sebum and rehydrates the skin. Since it can retain moisture, jojoba helps in treating excessive skin oil and acne.


The uses of chamomile for cosmetic and healthcare industries are innumerable. It can be used to cure a number of ailments of the skin, neck, hair, hands, and feet. As a cosmetic ingredient, it helps in whitening aging spots, deal wounds, rejuvenate dry skin, treat sunburn, and skin conditions like psoriasis.

Tea Tree

For anyone who has enjoyed tea as a refreshing beverage, the benefits of tea tree oil are unknown. It is an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic plat product that is very beneficial in skin irritation, allergic reactions, burns, persistent dark spots, and recurrent acne.

The wide variety of cosmetic manufacturers in India has established an enriched market of products that cater to every kind of needs of the consumers. From serious medical conditions of the skin to occasional problems, there are specialized cosmetics available for every kind of skin issues in the contemporary scenario.

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