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How To Choose A Camping Cooler?

A camping cooler is one of the important gears when you plan to go out on a camping trip. From keeping your ice cold to providing you with the fresh food, a camping cooler can do it all. Well, if you are considering to buy a new camping cooler, trust me, it is not going to be easy. The overwhelming options to take your pick will put you on the fence and it is going to be difficult to get off the dilemma if you don’t know what you should be looking at while buying a new camping cooler. Here’s the list of a few things that you should be looking at while going to buy a new cooler.

Soft Coolers or Hard Coolers

The first thing that you should be looking at is what type of cooler you wish to have. There are two types of cooler i.e Soft coolers and Hard Coolers. Hard coolers are made up of plastic that is durable, on the other hand, soft coolers are made with the help of threads. Hard coolers are quite heavy to carry as compared to Soft coolers. Soft-sided coolers are lightweight and thereby, portable.


You should always go for a cooler that is portable. Portability means that the cooler is quite to move back and forth and you don’t have to face any problem while surfacing it on different terrains. You can easily mount them on a soft surface, green grass or rough terrain without any hindrance. Now a days, there are many coolers that come with attached wheels. Attached wheels make the cooler more portable and these coolers have redefined the definition of traditional coolers. So, this is another thing that you should be looking at your cooler. To ease moving the coolers, some brands have made some tweaks and you can spot shoulder strap and latched handles attached to the coolers.


After carefully accessing and getting familiar with functional models, it is time to look at the features. Different brands have rolled out different features and definitely, the blend of these features will make a perfect fit to your need. If you love partying with your whole-gang, you need a cooler that comes with a bottle opener. On the other hand, if you love to keep things organised in your cooler, an interior tray will definitely help you out. For the additional storage space, you can check out the cooler that offers the same. So, another thing to look out for is what features you want in your cooler.

Rotomolded Construction

The quality and the durability of the coolers are other things that you should be looking at before making any investment in buying a new cooler. The latest trend in the cooler industry is rotomolded construction. Rotomolded construction has become a symbol of the durability and quality of the coolers. A cooler with rotomolded construction means that the insulation power of the cooler is great and it will not let the cold air escape through the cooler. Along with that, the presence of the rubber gasket ensures that your ice remains ice and does not turn into the water due to the heat. Make sure that the cooler you are about to pick is designed using the rotomolded process. It will surely keep your ice for long and you don’t even have to worry about the durability.

Ice Retention

The capability of cooler to hold ice for a longer period is another thing you want to look at. Well, this becomes more important when you go out on a long-week trip with your friends. You don’t want ice to turn into water as soon as you reach your destination. Well, Ice retention of the cooler depends on many factors and that includes rotomolded construction, thigh rubber gasket and also, how you have kept your stuff inside the cooler.

There are many natural factors that affect the insulation ability of the cooler including temperature, humidity and ground and much more. So, make sure to check out the ice retention ability of the cooler. To check out how the cooler performs, you can always read out the reviews of the coolers and choose the best coolers among the plenty of options.

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