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Vegetable Powders are Better than Fresh Veggies: Manufacturers

vegetable powder manufacturers

One of the recent trends in nutrition is vegetable powders. The reason for their popularity is the improved production by vegetable powder manufacturers. Vegetable powders are today manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure there are no contamination. The production usually follows a dehydration technique that ensures all essential nutrients are preserved as much as possible.

It is easily available

Vegetable powders are easily available today. Most retailers today carry vegetable powders of different types. Alternatively, you can also buy them online. All you have to do is get on an eCommerce site or the manufacture site and order! It also makes certain hard to get vegetable products easily accessible, such as spirulina.

It is available in remote places

One of the problems people face in remote places is the lack of availability of fresh vegetables. Places like hill stations are limited by geography and the local soil conditions. Vegetables are hard to grow in cold and extremely hot conditions. Remote places also suffer form lack of accessibility. They depend on vegetable supply form other states, which can get disrupted due to bad weather or some other reason.

Lack of self-dependence means that people from these places do not always have access to all vegetables, especially exotic ones. Vegetable powders solve this problem because these are widely available. There are no limitations that fresh vegetable impose on traders and hence, you can even get them couriered! Today vegetable powder manufacturers have ensured availability at the remotest places.

You can get access to organic vegetables

A number of vegetable powder manufacturers today offer organic products. Their raw material is sourced carefully from certified organic sources. The production method follows a strict no-contamination policy to ensure that the powder has no unwanted additive such as chemicals or other materials. The vegetable powders, hence, give one an easy access to organic vegetables.

It is easy to add to any meal

Powders are one of the easiest ways to add vegetables to your meals. You don’t have to cut, steam, cook, grill or do anything! You can add it to any dish you have prepared — dals, curries or even plain rice. If there is nothing cooked, just add a tablespoon to water and drink it up. Other popular means of taking vegetable powder are with smoothies, in salad dressing or in a soup.

You can carry them with you

There is no reason to skip your regular intake just because you are planning to be out of home! Just take the powder bottle with you and add it to your meal or water wherever you are.

It’s an easy way to ensure proper nutrition

Ensuring proper nutrition is always a struggle even when we are at home. Sometimes the problem can be as basic as a bare vegetable drawer in the fridge, while sometimes it could be just laziness that stops us from cutting and cooking the requisite serving of vegetables we need in a day. With different powders from vegetable powder manufacturers we don’t have to worry about lack of nutritive intake. In fact, it offers an even better solution because we can take varied vegetables in one go by just picking different powders!

It is easily adapted for fussy eaters

Fussy eaters at home? Kids who won’t touch any vegetables or adults who can’t seem to like any plant food? Vegetable powders are the perfect solution. For children you can add the powder to the usual kiddie favourites like pasta. You can do the same thing with adults. Just add to whichever dish they like.

It can last for a long time

Fresh vegetables have a limited life — usually 4-5 days under refrigeration. After that they will start rotting and be completely unfit for consumption. Vegetable powders do not have the same problem. They have a far longer shelf life and rarely need any special storage requirement.

It is travel friendly

One of the problems when traveling is easting healthy. We tend to eat a lot of junk food because it is easily available and eating fresh vegetables is not always possible. You may not know where to buy vegetables and even if you did, cooking them may not be possible.

Vegetable powder manufacturers offer their products in easy to carry bottles, which are easy to pack and carry wherever you go. Since you do not have to cook it, it’s also easy to take. Just mix it in your water or your meals whenever you take them.