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Elisa Meliani: Who is This Brunette Beauty?

Elisa Meliani

Elisa Meliani is an Instagram star and urban and studio model. You might have seen her modeling for swimwear.  Apart from modeling, you she loves traveling to places like Monaco, Bali, and Nusa Penida Island etc. She was even featured in a Damaso music video too.

Early Life and career of Elisa Meliani

Elisa Meliani was born in Paris in 1989. She spent the early years of her life living there. Her beauty got the attention of the American modeling agencies in 2000. Elisa Meliani has brown hair and hazelnut eyes. Her height is 5’9 inches.

Meliani started off with a modeling career for lifestyle magazines and got fame from the Treats Magazine.  The photographer David Bellemere used her feminine beauty and flawless body to create a masterpiece. After appearing in Aubade’s lingerie campaign, she became the face of a number of more modeling projects. She also modeled for the Playboy Magazine showcasing her sensational body.

The story of Elisa Meliani’s fame

Young and stunning Kendal Jenner posted a photo on her Instagram account of a women lying backwardon a horse naked. This post immediately got viral and received 1.3 million likes. A lot of people thought its Kendall herself. But later on, it was revealed that it’s Elisa Meliani.

When Elisa Meliani was asked about this, she said that she doesn’t think Kendal posted her picture so that people would think it’s her. In fact, she believes Kendal posted her picture as an inspiration.  She was actually touched by this gesture.  After this image got viral, Elisa Meliani was invited to a TV show called “Grand Journal” to talk about her life and the newfound fame.  It turned out Elisa Meliani was really grateful to Kendal Jenner for posting her photo. After her Instagram fame, she has been posting images on Instagram very actively. These photos are mostly about her daily life and her beautiful body, of course.

Elisa Meliani’s love interest

In case you are wondering if this beauty is single, then it’s going to break your heart a little bit to know that Melinai is already in a relationship with someone. She is currently dating Gad Elmaleh, a comedian based in France. They have been together since 2015. Meliani is 19 years younger than her boyfriend but age is not a number for the two lovebirds. Elmaleh says he fell in love with her the moment he saw her.

Follow Elisa Meliani on Instagram

This brunette beauty publishes sexy photos of herself on Instagram regularly. She hasn’t ever failed to wow her followers that’s for sure. You will even find revealing pictures of Meliani on her boyfriend’s Instagram. It is believed that’s how many people figured out the two of them are dating. Elisa Meliani indeed is a very talented model. We wish her all the luck in the world for her career.

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