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First Impression is the Last Impression: Tips to Create a Smart Creative Portfolio

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The creative job market is booming in the 21st century! However, there is a catch! The number of openings for creative profiles is limited. With a surplus of talent and limited job options often people end up being rejected in artistic working fields.

In short, competition is tough, and this is why an interviewee needs to be ‘armed to the teeth’ when he/she sits for an interview. By, ‘armed to the teeth’, it means an interviewee must be modest but well-spoken, should dress to impress, have extensive creative knowledge and come with a designer leather portfolio folder.

That’s right! Apart from your deportment, your portfolio to needs to be prim and proper. After all, it states all the reason why you stand out from the crowd. (You can get a designer portfolio from any corporate shop that sells items like an engraved leather photo album.)

Now, in the creative field a bland portfolio is “meh”, so if you wish to get hired you should design it in a way that it’ll instantaneously impress your interviewer.

How to do that? Worry not! This blog has tips!

Read on,

  1. Include Versatility

One of the best ways to impress an interviewer/client is by showcasing versatility in your portfolio. Hence, along with your talents, talk of projects done, experimental things you’ve undertaken, type of clients you’ve worked for. Also, try to include pointers like how you’ve served the society with your creative prowess.

For example, you could have conducted an art show for underprivileged children or more. Also, write down pointers like the type of clients you wish to work for, and kinds of challenges you are ready to meet.

[Pro tip: ensure to use simple fonts and make your portfolio look clean and crisp. Do not overdo it with excessive designer fonts that make your portfolio look overrated.]

  1. Highlight the Best Points

Suppose you’ve won many art competitions or possess testimonials from clients that state your authenticity, ensure to input these all in your designer leather portfolio folder. You can also include certificates you possess from reputed creative institutions and your best works inside the portfolio.

Also, make sure to organize these in proper formats so that your client/interviewer has a clear concept of your abilities. If you manage to make it look professional yet creative chances of you getting the project or the job increases multifold.

  1. High-Resolution Pictures! 

A plain portfolio with basic images isn’t aesthetically appealing in a creative profile. For example, say you’re a graphic designer or a digital e-artist. Then your portfolio needs high-resolution images of your best works so that your clients/ interviewer can scrutinize your work properly.

When a good client or interviewer with an eye for detail will look at your HD images, he/she can judge your abilities best and hire you.

  1. Input References

References are also very crucial when it comes to portfolios. These references act like word-of-mouth, which confirm your credibility as an employee or company. So, suppose you’re worked for X client and he/she found your job profile satisfying then the client in question might write you a reference or two.

This reference is like the frosting on your portfolio that makes it appear more appetizing. So, if you’re a few references from a good company or two, ensure to include these in your resume.

Well, now that you’re aware of the 3 ways to create your designer portfolio, hurry and buy it online today. Simply look for a corporate store that sells items like folders, engraved leather photo album, and more. Also, read website testimonials properly to make sure you’re investing in a reliable store with authentic products. Good luck!