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How to get rid of the stiffness in lower back after deadlifts?


Are you recently feeling stiffness in your lower back after performing the deadlift exercise?

Undoubtedly, the deadlift is the most advanced level when it comes to power lifting exercise and is basically done by people to improve their upper and lower body stamina level.

The stiffness in the lower back can happen because of different reasons and it is certainly not good thing to happen.

That’s the reason why we always recommend people to seek the advice of a qualified and professional fitness instructor who have successfully completed certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.


You need to learn the right form of the performing the deadlift exercise and when you are more confident and your trainer approves that you are doing in the right manner only then you should do the exercise more independently.

Through this post, let’s try to understand the key reasons behind the stiffness in the lower back and how you can improve it and thwart any detrimental problem.

Why learning the right form of the deadlift is considered crucial?


Learning the skill of performing deadlift exercises in the right manner is certainly the most crucial thing. In case, you aren’t performing the exercise while maintaining the right posture there are chances you will start feeling pain in your lower back.

  • For this, you have to place the barbell along with the weights on the ground in front of your feet.
  • After that, you need to come down to the squat position and bend forward while keeping your spine straight.
  • Hold the barbell with a strong grip and thrust your hips to lift the weight.
  • Once you reach the level of your knee and then go back to the starting position.


When the injury can happen?

When you lift the weight, it should actually be done with the use of legs and glutes muscles.

  • However, there are many people who tend to lift the weight while using their back which creates real trouble for them.
  • Another segment of the lift that can result in complications is at the intermediate point where your back needs to begin to become straight to the perpendicular state.
  • A common blunder that most do is to form a hunch in the back for an additional aid while lifting the barbell.
  • This puts unnecessary strain on your back muscles leading to severe lower back pain. It can be avoided simply by mastering the right form of the deadlift exercise.
  • The other reason your lower back can be stiff after doing the deadlift is for the reason that your vertebral extensor muscles were involved.
  • The stiffness and tenderness you are feeling in your lower back are mainly due to the mild impairment to the muscle soft tissue.
  • When this soft tissue recovers, your lower back will be sturdier and better to let you to do the deadlift workout with heavyweight, says a qualified and professional fitness instructor who has and professional fitness instructor who have successfully completed certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.