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Seizing the opportunities offered by Data Analytics in India

Data Analytics in India

A robust digital economy and a continuous drive for digitization makes the domain of data analytics bloom. This is the exact scenario of India today as almost every industrial sector in the country is embracing digitization and along with it data analytics. Even the Indian government hopes for a better performance from the economy by banking heavily on data driven solutions and technologies. 

Big companies offering data driven solutions have already invested handsomely on the Indian market and the Indian cities like Bangalore has become a hub for companies offering data analytics, thereby boosting the data analytics market of India. With the Indian government providing constant encouragement, companies in every industrial sector are not only adapting data driven strategies but also benefitting immensely from it.

Impact of data analytics in India 

  • The analytics industry of India stands at 3.03 billion USD in 2019 which is a growth of 12% since 2018 and is expected to double itself by 2025.
  • If outsourcing is taken into account by Indian firms like TCS, Genpact, Wipro and other vendors then the cumulative analytics market will account for 30 billion USD(the outsourcing industry alone is 27 billion USD.
  • Economic sectors like the Finance and banking, Marketing and advertisement and E-commerce leads in the implementation of data analytics and now even public sector enterprises have shown keen interest in adapting data driven solutions.
  • US based data driven marketing company Merkle has recently acquired Mumbai based data analytics firm Ugam. Emergence of market leaders like Merkle in the Indian scenario vouches for the fact that India is quickly becoming a data analytics hub.

Data analytics has also become a promising career field in India. 

A flourishing industry demands skilled professionals and as that industry grows even further, the demand also increases. In India however the demand is even more as there is a huge lack of talents in the field of analytics. According to a TOI report dated 19th July 2019, there will be 2.3 lakh job openings in data analytics, big data analytics and AI based positions in India by 2021. However, current available talent pool in India will only be able to fill 90k of such positions, leaving a gap of 1.4 lakh! 

You can easily grab the huge opportunity data analytics presents in India at the moment by acquiring skills in data analytics for which you need to get enrolled in a good analytics training institute. For instance, an analytics training institute Bangalore will not only enable you to get trained in data analytics but also help you to get employed.

How a data analytics training institute in Bangalore can help? 

  • Such an institute will help you to acquire industry relevant skills crucial for your employment in a good company.
  • Bangalore being the center stage for the entire data analytics scenario of India will expose you to the flourishing industry letting you learn from industry experts.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to work for the market leaders!