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6 Quick Steps To Build A WordPress News Aggregator Website

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The internet has become the primary source of information on all kinds of issues for people around the world. The huge volume of information can easily overwhelm users and therefore they look for websites which collect and display relevant data from multiple sources. One such interface is the news aggregator website which is used to disseminate information on a specific industry, topic or general subjects. In this guide, we are displaying the method to build a WordPress news aggregator website in a few easy steps. You can use the process to create a website which will communicate the latest happenings in your chosen field. Running aggregator interfaces also gives you a chance to build communities which share a common interest.

1. Install The WP RSS Aggregator Plugin

In WordPress, conducting a specific task or adding new functionality can be easily done with the help of plugins. Many people convert site to WordPress only because of the convenience offered by pre-built themes and plugins. We will be creating our aggregator website by using a plugin also. The tool we have chosen for this tutorial is called WP RSS Aggregator. Before you install this software, you will need to download WordPress besides signing up with a hosting service and acquiring a domain name. Then go to the developer website of WP RSS Aggregator, choose a suitable premium plan and download the plugin. It will also be pertinent to download a couple of add-ons of the tool namely, “Feed to Post” and “Full-Text RSS Feeds”. Once you have made these preparations, you must log in to your admin dashboard. Then in the menu on the left-hand side locate Plugins and go to Add New. Click on the Upload Plugin button and then select the zip file of the plugin. Hit Install Now to complete the installation of the software on your interface. Do not forget to activate the tool before moving ahead.

2. Activate The License Keys

Once the solution is installed, it is necessary to activate its license keys otherwise the add-ons will not function. Locate the option called RSS Aggregator in your control panel and click on it. Select the Licenses tab to open the necessary screen. Enter the valid codes for each of the two add-ons that you downloaded in the previous step, in the specified fields. The Feed to Post add-on will let you import items from RSS feeds as posts which you can display on your interface. The Full Text RSS add-on will import featured images for sources which do not provide such pictures within their RSS feeds.

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3. Configure General Settings Of The Plugin

In this next step of our tutorial to build a WordPress news aggregator website, we will configure the solution’s general settings. Hit the General tab on the Settings screen. Now you can restrict the feed content to visitors over a certain age. Users can also define the interval at which the feed will be processed. This means that the content of your feed will be updated after the time you specify in the settings. Click on the Save Settings tab after you have completed the configurations.

4. Define Categories For Different Content Sources

Modern-day internet users are not looking for only text-based content. They desire to access varied forms of material in visual and audio formats. It is essential that you serve versatile content to your audience to boost their engagement with your interface. In order to organize the different sources of information that you want to include on the website, you will need to create categories. This can be done by using the in-built functionality offered by WordPress. Go to Posts > Categories in your dashboard. Now, create the desired categories and link them to the different relevant sources you are adding to your interface.

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5. Add The Necessary Feed Sources

Locate Feed Sources under RSS Aggregator in your control panel and click on it. Hit the Add New button to open a new screen. Enter the name for the feed source website followed by the URL of the source. Clicking the Validate feed link below the URL field will let you check the validity of the RSS feed.

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As soon as you save the changes, the plugin will start importing the feed items. You can see all the feed items being imported by the tool by clicking the Feed Items link under RSS Aggregator.

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6. Make Your Aggregator Go Live

You now need to make your aggregator go live for your audience. Create a new page where the aggregated content will be published. Select the Add New Block icon and then open the widgets drop-down menu. Now, click on the WP RSS Aggregator block option. Your feed will now be automatically loaded by the plugin on this new page.

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This simple process will enable you to easily create a news aggregator website on WordPress. However, many users do not possess the necessary technical know-how. They must hire a professional WordPress web development service to execute the project.