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Choosing the right Cafe Tables

Cafe Tables
Cafe Tables

Opening a new cafe or a restaurant involves a lot of work ranging from choosing the theme and befitting furniture which can spruce up the look of your cafe. One of the key accessories that create an impact is the coffee tables. These tables can vary in size and style but must be chosen carefully so that it complements well with the look of the cafe and at the same time it also works for a longer time. When it comes to cafes, then even the smallest of furniture helps in creating a perfect environment for the visitor. In this blog, we will understand the importance of café tables and tips to choose the best café tables from the market.

Cafe Tables
Cafe Tables

Cafe tables: Making the right choice

We have already mentioned that choosing the right café tables is important as it accentuates the look of your café. There are different styles and patterns available when it comes to tables for café.

However, before choosing one, you must consider the following parameters:

1. Assess your requirement- Before you go forward and choose café tables, it becomes important that you need to assess your requirement. The number and style of tables depend on the interior of the café and the space availability, don’t choose chunky and large-sized tables if you have limited space.

2. Quality of the table– it’s important that you must choose the quality certified table to ensure that it lasts longer. Since café tables are something that you won’t be replacing every year and it also involves a good amount of money, you must choose the material which lasts longer, and at the same time, it also reflects a good look.  Wood is the most conventional choice; it is sturdy and gives a classic appeal. Metal tables are also making their way as a popular option owing to its durability, and if you wish to add some versatility, then you can even go for plastic tables.

3. Chair and café table placement suggestion: The following tip will help you make the right seating arrangement at your café leaving enough space for the people to move around:

  • If you are planning to create spacious dining, then 14 square feet will be the right choice
  • If it is a cafeteria, you can go for 12 square feet per person
  • You can go for diagonal seating and table placement; it saves floor space
  • If you have limited space, then you only need eight square feet per person

4. Choosing the right chair to table ratio- If you are planning to create a good seating arrangement, you should decide to explore the following chart, or else consult an interior designer who has rich experience in this field and guide you properly till you select the right set of tables.

Size Number of Chairs
24*24 2
30*30 2-4
42*42 8

Rectangle Tables

24*30 2
24*48 4
30*42 4
30 *48 4

Round Tables

24 1-4
30 2-4
36 4-6
42 4-5
48 5-6
54 6-7

This is the standard chart which you should follow while placing the café tables in your restaurant. Again, I would like to mention here that you need to consider the size of the table before making the next decision.

cafe table
cafe table

Price of the tables- Every café owner has some pre-defined budget allotted for the purchase of products, make sure that you do a comparison of the different types of tables and their pricing before making a purchase. If you wish to explore some good options, then you can choose an online shop which sells café tables. This will help you get a better deal. But don’t compromise on the quality of the table.

Conclusion- The above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you to buy the right type of cafe tables for your cafe.