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How to Use Your Ear Gauging Plugs

Ear Gauging Plugs

Stretching ear lobes is becoming more and more popular. With all of the jewelry options and sizes, it’s a fun process to stretch your ears to fit the perfect plug. Before you pick up a set of Ear Gauging Plugs start trying to stretch your ears, there are a few things to consider.

Let’s start with the basics. First of all, the jewelry worn in stretched ears are known as plugs if they are solid and tunnels if they are hollow. Gauge refers to the size of the plug, though the term is colloquially used to describe the jewelry as well.

The Gauge system can be a little confusing to understand, and it dates back hundreds of ears to the original methods for creating wire. To make wire thinner, it was passed through progressively smaller holes. Each hole the wire passed through squeezed it and made it thinner. The number of holes a wire passed through determined its final size and was called its gauge. Because of this system, high numbered gauges are actually smaller than low numbered gauges.

While wires are used for industrial purposes and need to have extremely exact sizes, body jewelry tends to experience some variation. Two brands might make plugs with the same listed gauge size, but it’s likely that one set will be slightly larger or smaller than the other. To add to this confusion, you also need to be careful with your stretching sizes. Going from a 4g to a 2g is only a 1mm stretch, but going from 2g to 0g is a 2mm stretch. Before moving up a size, it’s important to double check the dimensions so you know exactly what you’re in for.

So now that you have a grip on sizing, it’s time to start stretching. Most people are going to have their ears started with a standard piercing gun. These guns typically use a needle around 18g to 16g. Once that piercing has fully healed, typically 4-6 months, you can start stretching.

Once your piercing is healed, the best place to start is with a taper. These cone shaped plugs will gradually stretch your piercing. For a fresh piercing, a 16g taper is a good start. If you have already worn earrings in the piercing for a while, you will probably be safe jumping straight to a 14g taper. To insert your taper, wash the jewelry and your hands, lubricate the taper, and slowly insert it into the piercing. The process should not be painful but it might take a few minutes.

Small tapers can be worn as jewelry using o rings to secure them in place or can be passed through the piercing, followed immediately by your ear gauging plugs. When you reach larger sizes, tapers should not be worn as jewelry because they will apply uneven pressure to the earlobe.

It’s a good practice to wait over a month before going up a size to give your ears time to adjust. When you move to the next size, resist the urge to skip to something larger. It’s important to stretch your ears gradually. A set of ear gauging plugs should include all of the sizes you need to stretch to your desired gauge. Once you reach sizes larger than 00g, you can start wrapping your plugs in a few wraps of tape every couple of weeks to gradually continue stretching them.

The most important thing to remember when stretching your ears is to constantly check them and ensure the health of your earlobes. Pain, redness, and swelling is a sign of potential infection and should be addressed immediately. Stay safe and visit King’s Body Jewelry if you need any supplies to start your ear stretching journey.

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The Gauge Guide to Ear Stretching Sizes

ear gauges

Body modification is one of the most personal forms of self expression out there. It brings your body under your own control and lets you make all the decisions. If you’re ready to break into the world of body modification, it’s crucial that you do your research, though, in order to stay safe and express yourself in a healthy way. When it comes to ear stretching, that means knowing your limits, knowing how quickly you can move between Ear Stretching Sizes, and knowing which sanitation and aftercare techniques will help you along the way.

It also doesn’t hurt to know where to go to get the widest option of plugs, tunnels, and other products to truly customize your look. Assuming you’re a beginner, you’ll need to get down the basics before you go out and buy your first piece, especially if you’re trying to shop around online. As a side note, buying your body jewelry online is actually much more reliable than you might think.

King’s Body Jewelry, one of the top shops for almost any kind of jewelry around, has hundreds of pieces to choose from in a huge range of styles, sizes, and materials, which makes it easy to find the perfect look in one shopping trip. Compare that to going down to the local piercing shop and having to pick through the handful of over priced options they have on display, and you can see why online shopping is honestly the better way to go.

But before you browse through King’s Body Jewelry’s inventory, you need to know what you’re looking for. When you’re first starting out you’re going to want pieces that have a high gauge number. Ear stretching sizes go from high numbers to low numbers, so 16 and 14 gauge pieces are about the size of a standard earring while 00 gauge pieces are the really thick 10mm (3/8”) pieces that leave your lobes obviously stretched once you take them out.

If your ears have never been pierced before, you’ll have to start with the standard earring size, and you need to wait at least 3 to 4 months before you even begin stretching into the next gauge because your ears need time to heal and strengthen. Ear stretching is very much a matter of patience, so don’t rush into it. In the meantime, if you really want the full gauge look, King’s has plenty of fake plug earrings that fit the standard pierced ear and create the illusion of a larger gauge.

After your ears have had time to heal, you can begin stretching. Never go up more than one size at a time, and don’t try to skip sizes. Stretching your ears farther than they’re ready to go can cause some serious damage, so take it slow. As you’re starting into body modification, you’ll find King’s Body Jewelry’s stretching kits to be extremely helpful. These full sized kits include every piece you need to work your way up from standard piercings to 00 gauge plugs, including one taper and a pair of plugs or tunnels for every single gauge size you’ll work through.

There are also advanced stretching kits for people who want to stretch their ears beyond the usual gauges and up to as much of a stretch at 2 inches! And on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re only looking to go up a gauge or too, King’s Body Jewelry also offers three piece sets of tapers and plugs or tunnels in individual ear stretching sizes, so you can cherry pick how far you want to go.

Don’t forget to check out King’s after care kits as well. The Ultimate Piercing & Stretching Aftercare Kit includes everything you need to keep your piercings clean, moisturized, and strong, promoting health and ensuring your stretching journey is a healthy one.

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