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Get a Grilled Fish Rub for Better Taste

Grilled Fish Rub

When it comes to barbecue, sometimes you want something different, a different flavor or taste. You can get very used to the same food all the time, the traditional burgers and hot dogs on the grill or steaks or the same choices in the smoker like beef brisket or pulled pork.

If you want to change things up, go with fish at your next meal and use the best Grilled Fish Rub to get even better flavor than ever before. Fish is definitely more delicate than the meats you are used to grilling or smoking, but it can be very flavorful and be a healthier option for you.

You can choose from many different types of fish or seafood and prepare it in many different ways, but you can achieve the same flavor when you choose a fish spice blend that brings out the natural flavors of the fish and seals it in.

Fish is certainly a meal you want to try to eat more of throughout the year. Fish fillets are especially great because they can be a quick solution to adding more fish to your diet. Fillets cook quickly and are perfect for grilled fish rub. It can be applied easily and help add flavor that enhances your meal.

The fish spice rub from Casa M Spice CoⓇ contains a variety of ingredients that blend together many different flavors. The fish rub called HookedⓇ includes dill weed, black pepper, shallots and other spices mixed with the original Chain ReactionⓇ formula that goes perfectly with any seafood dish. This includes crab, lobster, scallops and even other foods that go beyond seafood.

A great fish rub works with many different kinds of fish, and Casa M Spice CoⓇ delivers. You can use tilapia, cod, trout, salmon and many other types of fish based on your own preferences. The spice blend brings together Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influence for an original flavor profile that adds some sweetness and plenty of spice to your meals. When you choose Casa M Spice CoⓇ, you can also get the Uncontrolled variety if you like to live on the wild side and have some added heat in your meals or Controlled which is a milder taste.

When you grill your fish, you want to monitor it closely so it cooks properly and does not stick to the grill grates. You may need to clean the grates and add oil to the grill until the grates look glossy before you can actually place the fish fillets on the grill. Before you start grilling, season to taste with a grilled fish rub on both sides of the fish.

Once you place the fish on the grill, turn the heat down to medium, cover the grill and let the fish cook. The more you cook fish, the more you will be able to get the timing down, but you want to let the skin side have a nice sear and crispy texture before you go to move the fish and flip it. If the fish does not easily remove from the grill, then leave it in place and continue to check it every few seconds.

With the help of Casa M Spice CoⓇ, you can have delicious fish fillets at any time no matter how you like to prepare fish. In addition to helping to create memories around the dinner table, Casa M Spice CoⓇ wants to help you find new meals that will become a regular part of your life. Here’s to finding a new meal to enjoy when you use a great fish rub that completely changes the way your fish tastes.

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Get the Best BBQ Brisket Rub Just in Time for Grilling Season

Best BBQ Brisket Rub

As the calendar turns to June, the summer months are upon us and the grilling season is well underway. More and more people are spending time outside, enjoying the outdoors and the nice and warm weather and preparing meals on the grill or in the smoker.

Meals that are cooked this way already can be loaded with natural flavor, but you can enhance that even more with the right spice blend, something that keeps the natural flavor as the focus but adds different flavor profiles like heat, sweetness and earthy flavors. What you need is the Best Bbq Brisket Rub around from Casa M Spice Co?.

Making a brisket takes a lot of time and patience, but the flavors make it worth the effort and energy. Brisket is a delicious cut of meat that is loaded with natural flavors. When prepared properly, it is a delicacy that is embraced by the people of Texas. Making an authentic Texas brisket is an art. Today, we will show you how to make an authentic Texas brisket using the best BBQ brisket rub from Casa M Spice Co?.

To start, you need to find a good cut of brisket, usually USDA Prime or better will give you the best results. Place the brisket into a plastic storage bin to set up for the dry brine step.

For the dry brine, sprinkle about ¼ teaspoon of table salt per pound over the brisket. Then apply the Cattle Drive? seasoning from Casa M Spice Co?, the best BBQ brisket rub, over the brisket until it is covered. Cover the bin and place in the refrigerator for at least two hours. In some cases, the dry brine may take overnight to complete.

When the dry brine step is done, you can remove from the refrigerator and start to prepare the smoker. Heat to 250 degrees and place the brisket into the smoker. Cook the brisket until the internal temperature reaches 200 degrees. This process can take up to 12 hours, so patience is essential.

When the brisket reaches the ideal temperature, remove it from the smoker and let it cool to 160 degrees internally. If you are serving immediately, you can carve the brisket and set it up for serving right away. If you are holding the brisket until later, wrap it in butcher paper and place in a cooler so the temperature holds.

With the right amount of seasoning, your brisket should have sealed in all of the natural flavors, added additional flavors to the outside of the meat and caramelized to form that perfect outer crust that is crispy and flavorful.

With Casa M Spice Co?, you get delicious spice blends for all kinds of meats that can make your barbecue taste even better than ever before. With spice blends created specifically for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish and poultry, you can enhance the flavor of your meals easily by evenly applying the seasonings to not just your favorite meats but virtually anything else you prepare. No matter how you prepare your meals, the seasonings at Casa M Spice Co? will work wonders and leave everyone talking and wanting seconds.

Great flavor is what makes great food, and with the help of Casa M Spice Co?, you can make all of your barbecues memorable. With the best BBQ brisket rub and so much more created over two decades of experimenting and implementing Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern flavors into one blend, you get a truly unique flavor.

So here’s to good food and trying a new flavor that is sure to become your favorite. Check out all of the spice blends from Casa M Spice Co? today.

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Get the Best Barbecue Brisket Rub from Casa M Spice Co™

Barbecue Brisket Rub

That time of year is approaching when the weather heats up and it’s time to be outside with family and friends. That means opening up the pool, hosting get togethers and parties, summer holidays like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day and just having some fun in the sun.

Part of the fun is firing up the grill or the smoker and enjoying the delicious taste of barbecued meats of all sorts and the different ways they can be prepared.

We all want to make great memories around our meals, especially when we get to enjoy the outside and the great weather for an afternoon and catch up with friends and be in the company of those we love. That’s the belief at Casa M Spice Co™, the makers of the best Barbecue Brisket Rub. Great flavor makes great food and great food makes great memories.

Great flavor makes great food. When we eat our meals, we like to enjoy flavors we have come to know and love, but we also like the idea of trying something new and different, the intrigue of a new flavor can convince us to try something. And when we find a flavor we like, we hold onto it and try to replicate it or to find a way to have it again. With the barbecue brisket rub from Casa M Spice Co™, you get all the delicious flavors made from all natural ingredients like salt and pepper, paprika, onion, garlic and more to create a unique blend of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern influence.

The beef rub for brisket is called Cattle Drive™ and it was created specifically for brisket and charbroiled steaks. The seasoning tastes great on everything from tri-tip to ribs to steaks to burgers and even on other food like fruit and vegetables, eggs and more. If you are looking for a way to get that authentic brisket look and taste. It is the perfect flavor complement to the natural flavors of the meat and takes it to another level.

Casa M Spice Co™ is so much more than just brisket rub. There are many spice blends that you can choose from depending on what is on the menu for the festivities you are hosting. Want to make great barbecued chicken? Use Free Range™ designed specifically for chicken wings, boneless, skinless chicken breast and charbroiled chicken quarters. Trying to make the perfect pulled pork? Use Whole Hog™ for the best flavor on any pork dish from pulled pork to pork shoulder to pork chops. Trying something different like lamb? Use Good Shepherd™ for lamb chops and leg of lamb. There is even a seasoning that brings out all of the great flavors your seafood dishes have to offer called Hooked™.

At Casa M Spice Co™, it’s all about family. The team there is a family and the recipes and spice blends have been tried and tested for nearly two decades. Now they are ready to go from the Casa M family table to yours. Great food makes great memories. What is a meal if you don’t have people to share it with?

It’s why the spice blends were perfected among family to begin with at everything from typical barbecues to holiday dinners and everything in between. That kind of dedication and passion for food and great flavor brings families together and helps them bond. It’s time for you to take these spice blends, including the barbecue brisket rub, and share them with your family in your meals, in the hopes that it will create similar memories that a great meal can.

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Find the Best Dry Rub for Beef Brisket at Casa M Spice Co?

best dry rub for pork ribs

When was the last time you went to a restaurant or barbecue joint and had brisket? Remember the way it tasted? There’s just something about the flavor you get from brisket when it is made authentic Texas style.

Of course, what is a brisket without a good dry rub? So much of the great flavors you expect in an authentic Texas style brisket come from the rub that is used. For the best dry rub for beef brisket, you have to turn to Casa M Spice Co? for a truly great flavor.

For that great flavor that makes brisket taste perfect, use the Cattle Drive? seasoning from Casa M Spice Co?. Cattle Drive? is made using the original Chain Reaction? formula from Casa M Spice Co? as the base, blending together flavors like paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and ground chiles to make a seasoning that can add a smoky, sweet and spicy flavor to any dish.

It is a true season all that works well with any meal. Add to that sugar that helps to create a delicious outer covering for the meat that is signature to Texas brisket and you can see why this is the best dry rub for beef brisket around.

Like all of the rubs from Casa M Spice Co?, Cattle Drive? is designed to perfectly complement the meat. This brings the natural flavors of the beef out even more. Some dry rubs out there can overpower the meat and leave you tasting more of the spice and less of the juices from the meats. Not with Casa M Spice Co?, you get a combination of the seasoning and the meat and the natural flavors really shine.

Each spice blend from Casa M Spice Co? has been tried and tested for nearly two decades with family and friends and blends together the influence of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. It creates a unique flavor profile that you will certainly want to share among your family and friends at your next gathering.

This is what these spice blends were designed for. At Casa M Spice Co?, they didn’t set out to just create the best dry rub for beef brisket and other meats that you will grill, smoke, bake, roast and cook in just about any other way possible. They set out to help you make memories over great food.

Food is best when it is shared among family and friends. Great company makes the food even better. With Casa M Spice Co?, a family company that is dedicated to excellence in the way your barbecue takes, that is a priority. The vision in selling their spice blends is in giving people more than just the taste of the spices. It’s in the experience you get when you eat great food around each other.

So that’s why you should pick up Cattle Drive? and give it a try with your next brisket. It’s why you should try all of the seasonings designed for everything beyond beef like chicken, pork, poultry, lamb and fish. You can transform the way you barbecue and put a smile on everyone’s face at your next party.

The people at Casa M Spice Co? know this because these are the settings where these spices were tested. From holiday parties to birthdays to summer get-togethers, these blends were always a hit. And now they are sharing that with you. So pick up your favorite spice blend today or try them all by getting a gift pack and see what it can do for your barbecue.

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