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Reduce Your EMI Burden With Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer

EMI financing gives you bang for your buck by letting you make big-ticket spends conveniently. With it you can shop when you need to without requiring to delay buying to a time when you can pay the product’s price all at once. However, if EMIs take up a significant portion of your budget, they can limit your ability to meet regular and unplanned expenses promptly. In such cases, you can lower your debt-to-income ratio and free up finances by availing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer. 

With the Bajaj EMI Reduction facility, you can enjoy smaller instalments via an elongated tenure and can consolidate your EMI debt into a single, affordable, consumer durable personal loan as well. Here’s how you lessen your monthly burden with the EMI Reduction Offer.

Increase EMI Tenure and Consolidate Your EMI Debts

A straightforward way to obtain smaller EMIs is to extend your loan tenure. With your debt spaced out over a greater number of months, each individual instalment decreases in value. However, Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Reduction Offer not only allows you to increase your EMI tenure, but also consolidate your EMI debts into a single consumer durable loan too! 

This privilege is extended to Bajaj Finserv EMI Networs users. The EMI Network is an extensive marketplace from which you can by a range of consumer durables, from laptops and home theatre systems to washing machines and refrigerators on No Cost EMI. While No Cost EMI ensures that you pay extra over the item’s purchase price, the EMI Reduction Offer helps you consolidate several EMI purchases into a single consumer durable personal loan and repay it over a long term. 

Thanks to the consolidation and the increase in EMI tenure, you not only ease the stress on your monthly budget, but also have just a single loan to keep track of.

Lower Your EMIs by up to 70%

Once you consolidate your EMI purchases into a single personal loan, you can pick a suitable tenure, ranging between 5 to 18 months, based upon your financial standing. This increase in the EMI tenure allows you to reduce your EMIs by up to 70%! Here’s a numerical illustration that explains how the Bajaj EMI Reduction Offer works.

Consider that you bought an LED television and a refrigerator from the EMI Network and are repaying Rs.65,000 and Rs.35,000 via EMIs worth Rs.20,000 over a 5-month tenure. Your EMI structure will be as follows:

Existing EMIs purchases outstanding balance

Existing tenure

Existing EMI


5 months


Now, consider the revised EMI structure, which you obtain after you consolidate your EMI debts into a single loan and extend the tenure via the EMI Reduction Offer.

Existing EMI outstanding amount

New tenure


(Inclusive of interest)

Total fixed interest 

Reduction in EMI


10 months




From the above table, it is evident that the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer aids you in reducing your monthly debt outgo considerably. As opposed to the exisitng EMI of Rs.4,000, your new EMIs will just be Rs.2,150, which is just about half of your current monthly EMI obligation. This difference in the EMIs reults in savings of up to 46%. 

Apply Now to Start Making Wise Financial Decisions

You can apply for the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the apply now button

  • Enter basic details like your name and mobile number

  • Wait to receive an OTP and enter it correctly

  • View your pre-approved offer and apply by submitting a new OTP that you recieve

Once you follow the above steps, you will receive a message regarding the approval of your offer. What’s more, being an existing customer, you can apply without having to submit any additional documents.

With smaller EMIs to service, you can accommodate your fixed, monthly, and unplanned expenses hassle-free. So, the next time you find yourself at a crossroads unable to manage your finances because of hefty purchase EMIs, avail the Bajaj Finserv EMI Reduction Offer and enjoy easy repayment terms in no time at all!