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A brief note on smart safe

smart safe

Smart safe makes retailing smarter. Between self-service checkouts, intelligent cash drawers and even smart safes – clever retail technology is now helping businesses drive efficiencies from the point of sale (POS), right the way through to the back office.

So, what is a smart safe, and what makes it so smart?

A smart safe is a secure device that automatically accepts, validates, records and stores cash. Its “smartness” is its ability to connect to the internet, the point of sale, other cash management safe technology and back-office systems. This allows the safe to provide real-time visibility of its contents and an audit trail of each transaction down to the exact operator. Smart safes cash management have gained popularity among retailers in recent years as they:

  • Protect cash

Protecting cash is obviously the most important thing. To protect the cash you will need guard, and there is no best guard then armored money transport and cash vault services. Smart safes use to store cash, whether at the point of sale or in the back office. Once you inserted your cash into the cash management safe, cash is secured in either a tamper-proof bag or cassette.

  • Contain built-in note validators

Although employees handling your business’s takings should be trained to spot counterfeit cash. In fact, you don’t need to worry about counterfeit things as smart safes detect and reject fake notes at the point of sale giving you an extra layer of security. Still, we will recommend you keep your card on the safest area and secure your pin number or password too.

  • Offer provisional credit

Many of today’s smart safe cash management partner or company with financial institutions to ensure that when money goes into the safe, you are credited before it reaches the bank. You will always get a message whenever any transaction, debit or credit, or any other changes will be happening in your account.

  • Retrievable by cash in transit (CIT) staff only

Smart safes are intended to reduce or somehow stop the robbery by outsiders and insiders alike. Don’t be surprised by knowing that insiders theft. Yes, according to a survey, about 89% thefts are insiders, so be aware of those double face people. However, when a cash in transit messenger arrives to collect cash, the cash management safe often requires two sets of credentials to open. This is usually the drivers and the store managers. Because, if you have an armored truck security guard and trustworthy store managers, then you always stay calm, otherwise each and every bit you will be anxious.

  • Slash CIT fees

Since a smart safe generates and monitors data. It generates data about the denominations and amounts of cash inside you have. All this happens, when you need to know or collect your cash. Optimizing armored car pickups and deliveries helps you avoid unnecessary trips and the costs associated with them. For instance, change orders can be added directly to the cash management safe as part of your regularly scheduled CIT delivery deposit eliminating the need for one more trip and one more charge.

  • Other cash technology
    It can be integrated with other cash management technology to provide an end-to-end solution. Though, together with an intelligent smart cash drawer, you get a smart safe cash management system that is almost closed-loop.


Smart safes, in particular, are seeing a surge in adoption rates as businesses turn to these “smart” devices to help them safely secure and manage their cash.