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Before you hire a car, normally you think about the reasons why you need a car – for example because you want to go out for shopping or because you want to attend a business meeting. Depending on the specific need, that will determine whether you will hire a small car for shopping or a luxury car for business meeting.

This also applies to hiring an interpreter. Whether you are looking at hiring an interpreter for your event, conference, business meeting or just for the sole purpose of translating a document, there are things to look for in an interpreter before deciding to hire one.

There a 4 specific things you need to look for:


One of the first things you need to consider before hiring an interpreter is your specific needs, you need to examine the subject matter and the specific things you hope to achieve through the help of an interpreter.

First of all you need to ask yourself “what type of interpreter do you need?” Do you need an interpreter for a business meeting, event or conference, or do you just need a telephone interpreter? This are some of the important questions you need to answer.


Hiring an interpreter or an agenzia interpreti simply means that you are bringing someone to join your team, so the interpreter needs to have some knowledge background related to your industry. This is because the interpreter will be the one communicating with your audience and therefore serves as a representation of your brand.

So you want an interpreter who will be able to read your business documents and digest it fully prior to attending the meeting or event. Therefore you want someone who will be able to communicate your ideas and also sell your offering. Nobody can do this except someone who has experience related to your industry.


Before hiring an interpreter for your event, conference or meeting, it’s advisable you hire someone who has years of experience doing similar things to what you require. You want to hire someone who knows what is required better than you, someone who will save you the time of explaining what needs to be done.

The meeting or event is probably one that will take your company to the next level, it’s an even where you will be communicating with business executives and prominent people. This means that you want someone who is experienced in working for similar companies like yours so that you will be able to have a successful event.


Price is another variable that you need to factor in when thinking of hiring an interpreter for your meeting or event. When hiring an interpreter of an agenzia interpreti, price should be at the back of your mind.

This is because you want to hire someone that is within your set budget, you probably have a budget for the meeting or event.

This are the 4 you need to look for before hiring an interpreter.