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9 SEO Analogies to Tell Your Client or Boss

Analogies are important in SEO, and when you are about to describe the same to your boss or clients, it will become a hard task without using the analogies. So, whenever, you are taking note, on not making any mistakes, you must read this article thoroughly.

When you are going for SEO Services, your style of communication with people, and for the search engine optimization, is very important.

However, if you describe this in a reverse method, your client or boss might get the opposite idea, and they might take the thing in a wrong way not as you have wanted to describe it. Fortunately, there are some analogies which are capable of handling the tough topics easily. Thus, here are some of the same you might want to check out.

  1. SEO Is a Box of Chocolates

This resembles very much like a box of chocolates and also could be sweeter, and depends on your own identity. However, not everyone is in love with the idea of search engine optimization.

The matter of chocolate is simple and ideal. In here, it can be compared to replacing bad content with good content and poor links with the best links.

  1. SEO Opinions Are Like Brains

To know how SEO works you need to know everything important attached to it. For this, you must get the information who is reliable. After you know about it, you have to learn to make it work. Here, every type of links are constructed, and it also should be transparent for your clients.

  1. Search Engine Optimization resembles a Hurry

This is indeed a race and in this scenario, you will get several types of automobiles, such as,

  • Social networking
  • Keyword study
  • Content
  • Connect construction
  • Technical SEO

In here, only the cars are not racing against each other.

  1. SEO Is Like a Big Cookie

It might not look like a box of chocolate, but, it certainly consists of cookie dough, and other ingredients as well. So when you combine all of these, you will get an amazing mix which you will not be able to avoid.

  1. SEO Is Like Golf

There’s a famous metaphor in golf, which is, “Carnoustie effect.” This means, when everybody performs badly, all of them look bad altogether.

The moment you are doing a competitor analysis, you get to know that almost none of your rivals are doing better than you.

  1. SEO Is Like a Party
  • You will find such conditions where SEO would look like a celebration.
  • You have the cake which is the hyperlinks.
  • You have the social aspect which is, social media, conferences, business relations and so on. If you put them all together, and you will get the party.
  1. SEO Is Just Like a Video Game

This part will depend on the type of game. Here, you will get a protagonist, then a villain. Here, the antagonist is your competitors.

  1. SEO Is Just Like a Mystery

Whenever you are optimizing in a new search engine, it will always feel like a mystery. To gain customers, you need to research.

  1. SEO Is Like Farming

Like farming, you must not neglect your SEO, and never for a long time, otherwise, the farm you have build will die, with its animals and corps.

Check these analogies, and the entire matter will be clear to you. follow these and you will use such strategies successfully in your business.

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